Ballet Idaho | Don Quixote & Carmen

Ballet Idaho presents Don Quixote & Carmen

ballet dancer in jete
Ballet Idaho Don Quixote

Friday, February 8, 2013 at 8 p.m.

Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 8 p.m.

Morrison Center


Don Quixote 

“Will greed or love win in the end?”

Music by Ludwig Minkus

Choreography by Peter Anastos, after Petipa, Gorsky and Baryshnikov

Costumes by David Heuvel (Costumes co-owned by Ballet Idaho & City of Ballet of San Diego)

Lighting by John Torres, Resident Designer


Kitri is in love with Basilio, a poor barber.  And he loves her too, so their flirtatious and hot-blooded romance is well known in Barcelona.  But Kitri’s father, Lorenzo, has other ideas, namely that she be married to Don Camacho, a wealthy gentleman.  Don Camacho presents himself and seeks Kitri’s heart, but she is willful and stubborn and rejects his advances.

Meanwhile, another romance is brewing between the great Toreador, Espada and a local beauty, Mercedes.  The Toreadors and Mercedes dance in the town square.

Just when it seems Lorenzo will succeed in marrying Kitri off to Don Camacho, Basilio appears in a dramatic scene and feigns to kill himself rather than lose Kitri.  Kitri begs her father to bless them before poor Basilio dies and just at the moment of his blessing, Basilio jumps up and declares victory for Kitri’s heart.

A beautiful wedding ensues with dancing by Kitri’s friends, Coca and Lola and Mercedes, now betrothed by Espada, followed by a Grand Pas de Deux for Kitri and Basilio.  Even Don Camacho is there and finds comfort in the kindness of new friends.


“Fate, Jealousy or Love?”


Music by Rodion Shchedrin after Georges Bizet

Choreography by Alex Ossadnik

Costumes by Megan Ann Richardson

Lighting by John Torres, Resident Designer


Carmen is a girl of savage beauty, strong character and fast temper, struggling to keep the upper hand in the rough and unforgiving worker’s world she inhabits.  After killing a girl from the cigarette factory, she is arrested by the guardsman, Don Jose.  Carmen seeks him to free herself from punishment and to conquer him as a man.  Don Jose, honest, naive and vulnerable, succumbs to Carmen’s advances.  Falling in love, he forfeits his rank, his career and his honor by freeing her.

Escamillo, a celebrated  toreador, sets eyes on the beautiful Carmen.  He takes her as she took Don Jose, with merciless calculation.  She dismisses Don Jose’s jealousy and fury and humiliates him by fleeing into the arms of Escamillo.

In a dream, Carmen faces fate, the girl she killed, foretelling impending death.

The final confrontation takes place in the bullfighting arena; Escamillo and the bull, Carmen and Don Jose.

Escamillo slays the bull.  Carmen meets her fate.  Don Jose is arrested.


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