Ashley Page, Scottish Ballet’s Artistic Director to step down

November 4, 2010

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From Scottish Ballet                                                    4 November 2010



Today Scottish Ballet announced that Ashley Page will leave the company in August 2012 when his current contract comes to an end, and by which time he will have served as Artistic Director for 10 years.

The Board of Scottish Ballet offered Ashley an extension to his contract; however he felt he was unable to accept this.

Scottish Ballet looks forward to working with Ashley for the remaining period of his tenure, and will continue to build on the company’s repertoire and reputation.

Ashley has commissioned, and also choreographed, a range of work with the company, which has helped to create the unique identity and reputation for which Scottish Ballet has become renowned.  Audiences will continue to enjoy these works as they will remain within the company’s repertoire.

Ashley is currently working with the company to restage Cinderella this winter, and to present the world premiere of a brand new production of Alice next spring.

The recruitment process for Ashley’s successor will commence shortly.

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One Response to “Ashley Page, Scottish Ballet’s Artistic Director to step down”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    If you read in The guardian you can see he was offered just a 1 year contract!! What sort of insult is that??? How can they offer some rubish like that to the person that’s brought Scottish Ballet to where it is today where there’s a huge recognition within the dance world, 5 star reviews, excellent dancers and performances and several nominations and awards. It’s just right that he would take that as an insult, anyone would. That’s the only reason why he would leave because as the Guardian says he would never leave the company under normal circumstances. They’re pushing him out.
    This is a disgrace and the whole of the dance world should unite to stop injustices like this.