Ballet | Continuous

October 17, 2011

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Ballet | Continuous

A while ago I interviewed Monica Pelfrey, a ballet dancer with Los Angeles Ballet, for Cupcakes & Conversation.

ballet dancer

Monica Pelfrey

Well, Monica recently worked on a video with freelance choreographer, Summer Jones, at the famous Salk Institute in San Diego.

Ballet, maths and architecture

Monica says, “I would love to share this video with you and the entire ballet community because I feel that Summer did something unique in terms of combining architecture, math, and dance all in one video. I would love to share her unique vision.”

Watching and listening to this video is indeed food for thought; it’s very unusual in the way that it draws you in and holds your attention through it’s unique mix of maths, ballet and architecture, just as Monica says.

Enjoy – and please let me know what you make of it. 

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2 Responses to “Ballet | Continuous”

  1. flowing river Says:

    elating composition; monica pelfrey looks ethereal, lost in the space of the unknown and yet flowing with everlasting grace, a shining light to behold in summer jones’s creative and inspirational choreography. adriene hughes a production director to be watched.

  2. Summer Jones Says:

    It is a thrill to co-create with Adriene and Monica, to dive with abandon into that boundary where ballet, film and mathematics collide. We discover there not merely a line of demarcation but an entire world in which to play and share, one where relativity altogether shifts the experience of weight and direction. Remarkably, on film it is the lens which dances (& film artist who dances!) with a weighted frame of reference; it is the dancers who gaze and orient. Such makes for a fabulous and poly-centered collaboration, in this case with two extraordinary artists.