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April 26, 2012

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Ballet News Invites…. you to preview a selection of the most popular photographs on the websiteballet news photography

Today I received a message via the Ballet News facebook page, as follows :

For publication

“Dear Ballet News, I have been enjoying all the wonderful and interesting photographs that you have been sharing with us all. I know you must have to fund all of this yourself and I was just wondering how you were getting on with the donations for the Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM lens. I hope that your wonderful readers have been donating even if it is small amount as every penny helps as they say. Ballet News is a brilliant website, and I really enjoy everything that it offers. Thankyou.”

(name and address provided but withheld for publication)

ballet dancers in oil paintings

It’s always lovely to receive feedback from readers, and it’s rewarding after the hard work of selecting, writing and producing content for Ballet News.

You may recall that last year I began a campaign to raise enough money to buy this particular Canon lens, where I explained what made this lens so special, why I wanted to involve my readers and what I hoped to achieve with it.

To answer this reader’s question I would like to first of all highlight the current most popular photographs from the Ballet News facebook page.  Ballet is first and foremost a visual art, and by investing im my digital business in many different ways I aim to consistently bring you the best ballet on the planet. I think that’s about more than researching & writing my reviews, interviews and features. I think that you get to know ballets and dancers by seeing them photographed superbly – and superb ballet photographers are hard to come by, as I explained in a feature about being media-savvy.

I’ve been investing in equipment and training for a number of years with the aim of bringing you even closer to ballet – backstage, front of house and everything legal in between.

If you are able to help in any way, big or small (small is fabulous – it just takes more people to get involved – for example, to raise £1000 would take 400 people if everyone donated £2.50 or the equivalent in their country), it would be very much appreciated. It’s easy to donate – PayPal does all the work for you (though of course they take a percentage as fees so in actuality it will take a few more donations to cover the cost of using PayPal).

As a further incentive, I have decided to offer you something that no amount of money can buy. Rather than arranging a prize for you, I’m going to give you the chance to send me the top item on your ballet-related wish list. Is there something ballet related that you’ve been longing to be able to do, that money can’t buy ? If you send me a message with your donation, explaining what your wish is – I will do my utmost to fulfil it.

Enjoy the gallery![nggallery id=61]DISCLAIMER – Ballet News does not promise to be able to fulfil any wishes and no donation is dependent on successfully fulfilling a wish; this offer expressly states that every wish will be considered and that I will try my best to do so, but there is no guarantee that I will be able to. Wishes must be legal.
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