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October 31, 2011


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Earlier this month I launched the Ballet News Sparkle Competition.

Thank you to everyone who entered; it’s been great fun reading your stories!

And the winner is …..

“The sparkliest dance thing I’ve ever worn  is my multicolored glitter sneakers from Gotta Flurt. I bought them for a dance intensive I went to this past summer. It was my first time going to a dance intensive so I had no idea what to expect. When I found out that the schedule included hip-hop classes I got a little nervous. I’m pure ballerina and didn’t know anything about hip-hop. I stood in the doorway of the dance studio on my first day of hip-hop class dressed in a black leotard, wrap skirt, pink ballet tights (I had just come from ballet class), and my sparkly sneakers. When the other girls came in wearing normal hip-hop attire, I knew that they had all done this before. I felt stupid, akward, and out of place. All I wanted to do was run back to my ballet class. Back to my Pointe shoes, tutus, and classical music. Back to the style of dance that I knew and loved. Then I looked down at my feet and saw the sparkly sneakers. Why was I here? To dance! I suddenly felt inspire  d! I went out there and did my very best. I sparkled and shined brighter than my shoes. So what if I looked funny and out of place? I was having fun! Hip-hop turned out to be one of my favorite classes during the dance intensive.

I’m still pure ballerina, and I still love my Pointe shoes, tutus, and classical music, but every once in a while I’ll put on my sparkly sneakers, turn on some hip-hop music, and dance… Just for the fun of it.”

Shannon (surname was provided but has been removed to protect privacy)

Well done Shannon!

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