Ballet News World Exclusive | English National Ballet’s Crystal Costa in all-Canadian photo shoot

February 1, 2012

Ballet News

Ballet News World Exclusive | English National Ballet’s Crystal Costa in all-Canadian photo shoot

Crystal Costa dancer

Crystal Costa by Dan Freeman

Recently, fellow Canadians Crystal Costa (First Soloist with English National Ballet) and Dan Freeman (Radio DJ and photographer) teamed up for a photoshoot like no other, and Ballet News was promised some exclusives !

Freeman explains, “working with Crystal was an experience of equal parts grace, passion, open creative license and ridiculous bouts of laughter.    We had both wanted to shoot together for a while. As the winter weather would have it on the west coast of Canada we were inside and decided to create some fun images outside the normal dance shots. I usually go into a shoot with two images I want to create. I have seen it in my head and then is time to try to duplicate it inside my lens. This time it was the newspaper reader and the pointe shoes vs highend heels. Crystal nailed both shots immediately. I loved how she interpreted my ideas and owned them. Fully committed to make it her image every time, never afraid that she would look silly or wrong and with total trust that I would only ever want her to appear in the best light possible.

Then it was onto open creative shooting. We threw her in my sweater and she moved and it was a true pleasure to watch her just dance for her. To visit the place where dancing is what you breathe and have felt since you ever knew you wanted to dance. To let go. Crystal gave me such a wonderful experience behind the lens. I am lucky I ever got my sweater back. Women and cozy sweaters. It’s a universal thing, I am convinced.

We both left with smiles and promised one another that we would be working together again, even if it meant me getting on a plane and flying to the UK… Which would be spectacular.”

ballet dancer

Crystal says of the shoot, “it was the first time I actually met Dan in person, and from the moment he invited me into the building I was hit with his electric energy and knew this was going to be something special. The time flew by, with every precious second spent bouncing ideas around, all sparking from Dan’s inspiration, passion and joy. His energy fed my energy and we just ended up having a lot of fun! Along with his beautiful wife Caitlin who has an eagle eye for catching those important aesthetic details,  Jamie the lighting master, and my parents there to watch who hardly get to see me dance, the shoot was an awesome experience. I can’t wait to work with him again, a man whose love for what he does shines through his work and inspires those around him, Tarzan Dan!”

ballet dancer in jumper

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One Response to “Ballet News World Exclusive | English National Ballet’s Crystal Costa in all-Canadian photo shoot”

  1. Dan Freeman Says:

    Huge thank you to Ballet News for the support and exposure… you truly are something special 🙂