Ballet News

March 14, 2013

Ballet News

Ballet News

Leticia Domininguez

Just announced

PdL-2013-Affiche-Maq0-06_159x22516 year old Leticia Domingues from Brazil, 2013 Prix de Lausanne scholarship winner, will join The Royal Ballet School.

Domingues studied at the Petite Danse School of Dance, Rio.


Watch Leticia :


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12 Responses to “Ballet News”

  1. Ballet News Says:

    Nancy Croxton Gaare commented : good luck and keep your smile on!

  2. Ballet News Says:

    Beatrice Croce commented : she is amazing

  3. Ballet News Says:

    Annabel Cowdrey commented : Beautiful girl

  4. Ballet News Says:

    Haley Mathiot commented : she’s got amazing legs.

  5. Ballet News Says:

    Crystal Autumn Day said : Is she joining already? Doesn’t she need to finish school first?

  6. Ballet News Says:

    Jacqui Yelland commented : “Congratulations” is the first word that comes to mind…!!! ” wonderful to read of this!

  7. Ballet News Says:

    Bronnie Nash commented : Awesome!

  8. Ballet News Says:

    Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt commented : what a great smile she has!

  9. Ballet News Says:

    Andrea Suzanne Taylor said : I’m predicting a very long career

  10. Ballet News Says:

    Eleonora Burzio said : Super !!!

  11. Ballet News Says:

    Beverley Santiago said : Congrats

  12. Ballet News Says:

    Ronda Williams Kalka commented : Wow! She is amazing!