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April 12, 2011

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dancer on pointe wearing pink pointe shoes

Audry Steinbach as The Princess and Tag Frost as Silly Simon. Photo by John Gerbetz



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              
April 22 through 25 in downtown San Jose

A one-hour ballet for young audiences, based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, Klod Hans

Choreography: Lise la Cour
Music: “Klod Hans”
Composer: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Scenery and Costumes: Bjórn Wiinblad
First Performed: Royal Danish Ballet, October, 1989 at the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Short Byte:
The Royal Princess was seeking a husband, but she was a most particular princess, and insisted that she would only marry the man in her Kingdom who spoke most wittily.  Three brothers heard of her search.  Two of the brothers were very clever, but the third was somewhat simple.  He was called, Silly Simon.  The two clever brothers rode off to the palace on their fine horses to try their luck.  But Silly Simon had no horse, so he set off riding a Billy goat.  On the way, Silly Simon collected presents for the princess–presents that had his clever brothers laughing loud and long; a dead crow…an old wooden shoe…a pocket full of mud?  Why would a princess care about such gifts?  So the two clever brothers spurred their horses and left Silly Simon and his Billy goat far behind.
But what happened then?  You will have to wait and see!

A 15-minute classical ballet piece will precede Silly Simon. PREMIER
Invitation to the Dance was choreographed for the students of the professional division of the BSJ school to the music of Carl Maria von Weber. Famous for its use in Fokine’s duet for Nijinsky and Karsavina  “Le Spectre de la Rose,” this lush waltz has been reinterpreted by choreographer Dalia Rawson (Ballet Mistress of BSJ School) to showcase the technical achievements and artistry of students from all levels of the BSJ School’s Professional Division. Ms. Rawson created this work to celebrate the journey of a BSJ pupil, who evolves from an aspiring student learning the basics of classical ballet technique while dreaming of becoming a ballerina, to a graduating dancer ready to leave the school and continue her development as an artist. The ballet has been choreographed specifically for the students who will be performing the work, and it showcases the individual strengths of many of the BSJ School’s talented young artists.

Total length of program (including one 15-minute intermission is 90 minutes.

Performance Dates & Times
Saturday, May 28 at 1:30pm
Sunday, May 29 at 1:30pm
Presented at California Theater
345 South First Street in downtown San Jose
Adults: $21 to $60
Children: $16 to $55
Ballet Box Office: (408) 288-2800
Or buy online at the Ballet San Jose website.

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One Response to “Ballet San Jose NEWS”

  1. Lee Kopp Says:


    (Excerpts from a theater preview by Loureen Giodano for Bay Area Parent Magazine, November 2003.)

    Close your eyes. Now think of ballet. Did I hear a yawn? Admit it. At the word ballet you probably don’t imagine laughing at some lout riding a Billy goat. Perhaps you don’t imagine laughing at all—or bringing your kids. Ballet San Jose wants to change that with [SILLY SIMON.]

    The big draw for this show is not just the story and the music, but the cast. SIMON will be performed by Professional and Open level students of Ballet San Jose School. “It’s children for children,” says Lise la Cour, director of the ballet school and choreographer of SIMON. “The kids in the audience really respond to the youngsters on stage. They clap and laugh and imagine themselves as the characters. They’ll see the Princess or Silly Simon and think, ‘I want to do that’. Children are really our hope of keeping culture alive in the future.”