February 20, 2012

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Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) announces its 2012 – 13 season at the Company’s home theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome.


Following performances of Swan Lake at The Lowry from 19 – 22 September 2012, the Birmingham Hippodrome season starts on 26 September with a mixed bill called Opposites Attract.  The mixed bill consists of three ballets and includes David Bintley’s Take Five, Hans van Manen’s Grosse Fuge and Jessica Lang’s Lyric Pieces.


The British ballet tradition of storytelling is one of the most celebrated qualities of the art form.  The ballets on offer during 2012 – 13 have some fantastic stories to tell, from Peter Wright’s Swan Lake in the autumn through to a revival of the Company’s hugely successful Cinderella by award-winning Director David Bintley for Christmas 2012.  Aladdin, created for the National Ballet of Japan, joins the Company’s repertory in February 2013.  This new adaptation by David Bintley returns to the original story, with its background in the Arabian Tales of 1001 Nights and links to ancient Chinese stories.  The season ends with Peter Wright’s Coppélia and Galina Samsova’s and David Bintley’s Giselle in the summer of 2013.


Following the popularity of 6.30pm The Nutcracker performances in 2011 to better accommodate BRB’s family audience, there will be 6.30pm Friday evening performances in Birmingham of Cinderella (30 Nov 2012), Aladdin (22 Feb 2013), Coppélia  (7 June 2013) and Giselle (21 June 2013).


Opposites Attract                                         26 – 29 September 2012

(Lyric Pieces / Take Five / Grosse Fuge)


A mixed bill brings flair, energy and innovation from three original modern ballets…


Creating Lyric Pieces, her first piece for a major European company, award-winning American choreographer, Jessica Lang crosses the Atlantic to choreograph this ballet, jointly commissioned by International Dance Festival Birmingham 2012 and BRB. Set to romantic musical miniatures by Norwegian master Edvard Grieg and with a hand-picked design team, Lyric Pieces promises to be one of the Company’s highlights of 2012. Designs are by Elena Comendador and lighting by Nicole Pearce.


Company Director David Bintleyinvites you to share his love of Jazz and, in particular, the music of Dave Brubeck. In homage to one of his heroes, he created this sexy and energetic series of vignettes to some of Brubeck’s most famous tracks including, Take Five and Unsquare Dance. Designs are by former BRB dancer-turned-designer Jean-Marc Puissant and lighting is by Peter Mumford.


One of Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen’s most famous works, Grosse Fuge is an invigorating and uplifting experience that has lost none of its power over the last 40 years. Music is by Ludwig van Beethoven, sets by Jean-Paul Vroom, costumes by Hans van Manen and lighting by Jan Hofstra.


Swan Lake                                                           2 – 6 October 2012


The production, by BRB Director Laureate Peter Wright and Galina Samsova, tells the timeless story of good, evil and the all conquering power of love. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is without doubt the most famous of all classical ballets. Choreography is by Peter Wright, Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa.


In mourning for his father, Prince Siegfried takes solace hunting in the forest. He comes across a moonlit lake and is astonished to see one of the swans transform into a beautiful Princess. She is Odette, who, under the evil Von Rothbart’s spell, spends her days as a swan, returning to human form as night falls. Only the love of one who has never loved before can save her from this fate, but when the Prince is tricked into declaring himself to Von Rothbart’s daughter Odile, magically disguised as Odette, all hope seems lost. With its exquisite ensemble dances, lyrical pas de deux and bravura solos, all set to one of the world’s most beautiful scores. It is essential seats are secured early!


This production of this much-loved classic was first performed by BRB in 1991 and has since successfully toured throughout theUnited Kingdomand overseas, includingGermany,Japanand theUSAin 2010. Sumptuous designs by Philip Prowse and lighting by Peter Teigen.


Cinderella                                                     21 Nov – 9 Dec 2012


David Bintley’s Cinderella premiered at Birmingham Hippodrome in November 2010 and was televised by the BBC on Christmas Day in the same year. In January 2012, Bintley won a Critic’s Circle National Dance Award for Best Classical Choreography for Cinderella.


Created for the City of Birminghamto celebrate the Company’s 20th anniversary in 2010, Cinderella is one of David Bintley’s most successful creations to date. With breath-taking designs by John Macfarlane, designer of the Company’s famous production of The Nutcracker, and music by Sergei Prokofiev, who wrote the beautiful score to Romeo and Juliet, this is one family Christmas treat not to miss! Lighting is by David A. Finn.


Neglected and abused by her cruel stepmother and step-sisters, Cinderella’s life is one of drudgery and hardship. Then, on the evening of an extravagant ballet the palace her Fairy Godmother appears and casts a spell that will change her life forever. Arriving at the ball in a beautiful gown, all eyes are on Cinderella, including those of the handsome Prince. He sweeps her off her feet and they dance the night away, until the clock chimes midnight and the party comes to an abrupt end. Thrust back into her miserable existence, Cinderella can only dream of what might have been, until an unexpected royal visitor comes to her home, searching the land for the mysterious owner of a jewelled slipper…


Aladdin (The UK premiere)                                  15 – 23 February 2013


15th February 2013 sees the UK premiere of David Bintley’s magical tale of love, trickery and triumph at Birmingham Hippodrome. The production was created for the National Ballet of Japan in 2008. Aladdin boasts music by Carl Davis, composer of the Company’s Cyrano and numerous well-known television scores including Pride and Prejudice, Cranford, The World at War and Up Pompeii. Sets are by Dick Bird and costumes by Sue Blane with lighting by Mark Jonathan


A run-in with Palace guards leads young tear away Aladdin into a whirlwind of adventure and romance, involving unbelievable riches, love at first sight, treachery, and of course a magic lamp, and all that it contains…


Duped into helping an evil Maghrib, Aladdin ends up trapped in a cave for three days and nights, with no light and nothing to eat. But it is only when he attempts to light the old lamp he’s found, that his real adventure begins! When he finally returns home, Aladdin’s mother thinks he is telling

stories, but she soon finds out the real value of the battered old lamp he has brought with him. When Aladdin falls in love and lands himself in more hot water through his pursuit of the Emperor’s beautiful daughter, his mother secures his freedom and Aladdin wins the Princess’s hand in marriage. But Aladdin hasn’t realised that the Emperor’s chief advisor is the evil Maghrib, and his adventures haven’t ended yet…


Coppélia                                                      4 – 8 June 2013


Magic, mayhem and the original living doll!


Peter Wright’s Coppélia is guaranteed to lift the hearts of all the family. The enchanting production of this joyous and witty ballet is an ever-popular celebration of love, with a sparkling score by Delibes with designs by Peter Farmer and lighting by Peter Teigen.


What’s at the heart of a woman? Eccentric toymaker Dr Coppélius wants to know, and he’s planning to bring his mechanical doll, Coppélia, to life – he just needs the right spell.

When Dr Coppélius leaves Coppélia on his workshop balcony she’s soon causing quite a stir in the village. Particularly in the heart of red blooded young lover Franz and the jealous mind of his real-life fiancée, Swanilda – who’s mistaken the mannequin for a crying, talking, sleeping, walking rival. With a wild mix of abracadabra, and some mischievous maidens, comic chaos is riotously unleashed when humans and automatons collide in Dr Coppélius’s spooky toyshop.


Giselle                                                          19 – 22 June 2013


David Bintley and Galina Samsova’s stunning production, clad in gorgeous designs by Hayden Griffin, stays true to the spirit and the steps of the original.


Giselle stands alongside Coppélia and Swan Lake as one of the great classical ballets.


In a village deep in the mountains, two young people, Giselle and Loys, are deeply in love. But Loys has not been truthful with his beloved. He is actually Count Albrecht, son of the local lord, and is already betrothed to Bathilde, a lady, and his social equal. When jealous Hilarion, a rival for Giselle’s hand, proves who Loys really is, and Bathilde arrives to claim her fiancé, the heartbreak is too much to bear. Driven mad by despair, Giselle takes her own life. After her funeral, a sorrowful Albrecht visits her grave, but it is night and he is in terrible danger. The bitter ghosts of jilted brides rise and condemn him to dance himself to death. Only Giselle’s love, powerful enough to reach from beyond the grave, can save him; she must keep him safe until dawn breaks and he can escape, but dawn is many hours away…


Choreography is by Marius Petipa after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot with additional choreography by David Bintley. Music is by one of the 19th-century’s great ballet composers, Adolphe Adam.  Lighting is by Mark Jonathan.


Other 2012/13 tour dates confirmed and on sale:


Swan Lake

The Lowry

Wed 19 – Sat 22 September 2012

Ticket Office: 0843 208 6000



Please note: More autumn 2012 /spring/summer 2013 tour dates to follow once all details confirmed and on sale


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