Bloch & Backstage on Swan Lake

August 30, 2010

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Your recent Backstage Pass to Swan Lake revealed a gallery of images taken backstage at the Royal Albert Hall in June while English National Ballet danced their in-the-round production.

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Silvia waits backstage, wearing her Bloch warm-up boots

Some of the images were featured in YOU magazine on Sunday 22nd August.  Dancer Silvia Aiuvalasit featured inside the cover, wearing her ‘space boots’ to keep her feet warm.  The boots are vital because cold feet can be dangerous for a dancer waiting between Acts and passing the time (in Silvia’s case, by reading the programe).

Since the feature was published, I have been asked for more details about the ‘space boots’.  Since I use them myself, I can vouch for how toasty they keep your feet and how comfortable they are.  With Autumn blowing her way in already, I use mine as slippers at home and they have proved to be the warmest I’ve ever had.

The warm-up boots are made by Bloch, and can be purchased online at DanceDirect, for £22.95.

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3 Responses to “Bloch & Backstage on Swan Lake”

  1. Dancing Branflake Says:

    I would so love these! Not only that but I have performances in San Francisco next month- sometimes at 10:30 at night! So this will be perfect for me!

  2. Ballet News Admin Says:

    They are absolutely perfect – the warmest slippers I’ve ever found.

  3. Doris Rübel Says:

    a question: do you wear the Blochs OVER the pointe shoes?