Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Offers for the First Time a Two-Year Scholarship Opportunity for its Men’s Program

March 13, 2013

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Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Offers for the First Time a Two-Year Scholarship Opportunity for its Men’s Program


CPYB is expanding and formalizing its men’s dance training through an enhanced curriculum and dedicated program of study. To launch this initiative, CPYB is offering an opportunity for up to EIGHT (8) aspiring male dancers to receive two-years of uninterrupted training through generous, tuition-free scholarships.


The scholarships, which are for male students ages 14 to 19, include two consecutive academic year tuition scholarships, 5-Week Summer Ballet Program and two-week August Course tuition scholarships, and a monthly housing stipend for 22 months.


To be considered for these competitive scholarships, applicants must submit a video audition that is no more than 20 minutes in length.


“We are having students audition by video, rather than on-site auditions to lessen a student’s financial burden to travel. This opens up the opportunity for any male dancer who wants to pursue his dreams to apply,” explains Nicholas Ade, CPYB School Principal. “We are excited to accept audition tapes from across the country, or even around the world.”


CPYB’s enhanced Men’s Program curriculum includes technique, partnering, men’s, and strength training classes. Students will also be educated about how to succeed in the dance world.


This unique curriculum is just the beginning. Students will become part of a ballet school that has continually produced dancers for the top dance companies in the world. They will learn from an internationally renowned faculty, be mentored and taught about the requisites of being a male dancer by those who know, and have the opportunity to perform in a broad spectrum of repertories. The program’s environment stimulates camaraderie and healthy competition, all aimed at helping the student to fulfill his potential as a dancer.


Marcia Dale Weary, Founding Artistic Director, adds “CPYB recognizes the importance of having a dedicated men’s program not only for developing male dancers but also for complementing female dancers’ training. This is a natural step in fulfilling our mission of making dance training available to all children and continuing our rich history of training tomorrow’s professional dancers.”




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