English National Ballet Swans glide into Parliament

July 14, 2010


ENB dancer Jennie Harrington
Photograph :  zxDaveM

As part of Big Dance 2010, English National Ballet dancers Ruth Brill & Jennie Harrington Danced on Parliament last week.

Ruth Brill & Jennie Harrington with the Big Dance Bus in the background, Photograph : zxDaveM

Ruth Brill & Jennie Harrington with the Big Dance Bus in the background, Photograph : zxDaveM

With their Swan Lake tutus, the girls performed an extract from Swan Lake in Horse Guards Parade, on 8th July 2010

Ruth Brill & Jennie Harrington
Photograph : zxDaveM

Afterwards, they joined an informal class, to the delight of the crowds.

Ruth Brill, Photograph :  zxDaveM

Ruth Brill, Photograph : zxDaveM

Being able to photograph dancers in great light is a rarity, and I think you’ll agree that these images show off Ruth and Jennie.

Jennie Harringtom
Photograph :  zxDaveM

Dancing on Parliament is part of Big Dance 2010.  I think you can see from the photograph below how enthusiastic the crowds were, and getting involved with dance in all forms is what Big Dance is all about.

Ruth and Jennie in an informal class
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8 Responses to “English National Ballet Swans glide into Parliament”

  1. AlyGatr Says:

    Simply beautiful. I love the informal class pic the best. I think I might have been tempted to run off with one of those breathtaking costumes 🙂

  2. Miss Val's Creations Says:

    Amazing photos. The ladies look beautiful!

  3. DUTA Says:

    How gracious the two 'swans' are! I wish I was in the watching crowds sharing their enthusiasm and excitement!

  4. Fashion, Art and other fancies Says:

    AH, the dancer in me is bubbling over with joy like a bottle of champagne. I adore these swans.Reminds me that I have ballet this evening.I agree; dancers are rarely photographed in light. Warmly hopes you are well.

  5. Rosée Says:

    just..beautiful! amazing 🙂 http://roseecoco.blogspot.com

  6. BALLET NEWS Says:

    AlyGatr – don't they look great in the full light of day ? Something they don't normally ever see…Miss Val's Creations – they do !C'est La Vie – thank you DUTA – thank youFashion, Art and other fancies – hello ! hope the ballet went well for you..Rosée – thank youRebecca King – thank you very much !