English National Ballet | The Nutcracker starring Venus Villa & Yonah Acosta

December 21, 2011

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English National Ballet | The Nutcracker

two ballet dancers rehearsing

Venus Villa Photograph : Cheryl Angear

Back in October I published The Nutcracker casting for English National Ballet’s new production.  Ballet News favourites Venus Villa and Yonah Acosta take centre stage in December :

Casting in order of Clara, Nephew/Prince, and the Nutcracker *

Monday 26 December 2:30pm (F)
Venus Villa, Yonah Acosta and Laurent Liotardo

F = Family friendly performances, where under 5s are welcome.

Wednesday 28 December 2:30pm
Venus Villa, Yonah Acosta and Laurent Liotardo

* Please note that all casting is subject to change

Venus Villa and Yonah Acosta

Venus Villa and Yonah Acosta Photograph : Cheryl Angear

Having attended Nutcracker rehearsals I can tell you that their performances are going to be utterly, thrillingly spell-binding and I don’t say that often!  A Cuban partnership like no other, Corps de Ballet dancer Venus Villa and Junior Soloist Yonah Acosta, nephew of Carlos, will take your breath away with the speed & sharpness of their turns, the amount of air in their jumps and the warmth of their hearts as they dance full out just for you.  You have bought your tickets, haven’t you ? Wayne Eagling’s clever but fiendishly difficult choreography allows Venus & Yonah to dazzle with their sprezzatura. If you’re still unsure, have a browse through the gallery and see Venus and Yonah rehearsing the principal roles. But please be really, really fast if you want to see them – I checked just before publishing this feature and there are only a tiny number of seats left, scattered over the various levels at the London Coliseum.

two ballet dancers in reherasal for The Nutcracker

Venus Villa and Yonah Acosta Photograph : Cheryl Angear

Journey back in time with English National Ballet to a frost-covered, gas-lit London. Join Clara, her Nutcracker and the magician Drosselmeyer in this traditional festive tale for all the family. In a world of Edwardian elegance, The Nutcracker brings to life the eternally popular Tchaikovsky score featuring the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers.

The story goes : on Christmas Eve, Clara battles with the Mouse King and falls in love with a handsome stranger. As the air grows colder and snowflakes begin to fall, Clara and her Nutcracker take a hot air balloon ride across the frost-dusted London skyline from the glistening Land of Snow. Dancers from all over the world leap out of a magical puppet theatre and the Mouse King is finally vanquished. A Happy Ever After, at Christmas…..

two ballet dancers rehearsing in the studio

Venus and Yonah coached by Maina Gielgud Photograph : Cheryl Angear

Please note: There are no surtitles for this production.

I would like to thank Maina Gielgud & Wayne Eagling for their enthusiasm and generosity in producing this feature.

All photographs © Cheryl Angear.  No unauthorized reproduction.

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