How much do you love English National Ballet ?

March 26, 2011


ballet dancer holds a ballet bag

Sayako Tomiyoshi Photograph : Amber Hunt

Following the popular documentary series on BBC Four, Agony & Ecstasy : A Year With English National Ballet, the question has to be asked – just how much do you love the company ?

The three programmes covered Swan Lake (Daria Klimentová, Vadim Muntagirov and Rachel Ware), Romeo & Juliet (Max Westwell and Daniel Jones) & The Nutcracker (Fernanda Oliveira, Ksenia Ovsyanick and Wayne Eagling), and gave you a glimpse of life behind the scenes as part of the company. Rachel Ware joined the corps de ballet in Swan Lake in-the-round last summer on a temporary contract, and you can read more about her next week here on Ballet News.

So now I wanted to give something back you you, the viewers & my lovely readers, and it just so happens that English National Ballet have these groovy ‘I Love ENB’ ballet bags which are perfect for pointe shoes, Bloch warm-up boots, tape, ribbons, plasters, dance and ballet wear, ballet shoes and all the other bits and bobs you need to carry from class to rehearsal and home.  And don’t worry if you’re not a dancer, these bags don’t look out of place outside the studio and you can still show your love for the company by using the ballet bag for your shopping or the extra books you need to take to school.

The ‘I Love ENB’ ballet bags come in black cotton with white lettering and a big red heart.

ballet dancers wearing white tutus model ballet bags

l-r Nancy Osbaldeston, Nicola Henshall, Ruth Brill & Sayako Tomiyoshi Photograph : Amber Hunt

English National Ballet are offering a couple of these bags to my lucky winners, and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one is to tell me how much you love ENB. 

In line with the documentary series, the winners will be chosen by a panel of ENB experts and will be those who can describe in the most realistic, innovative and fluent way just how much they love ENB. You don’t have to have watched the series (I know it’s not available to everyone) but you DO need to know about ENB, whether you’ve been to an event, watched a show or been involved in any other way.

Closing date for the competition is March 31st 5pm GMT.

If you missed any of the three episodes you can watch again with BBC iPlayer – Agony & Ecstasy : A Year With English National Ballet Episodes One and Two are available until next Tuesday – 29th March 10.59pm – so please be speedy if you want to catch up with them, and Episode Three is available until Sunday 3rd April 4.04am.

If you love Ballet News, please take a moment to tell me what you think about ‘Ballet & You’ by answering these short questions.

Good Luck !

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42 Responses to “How much do you love English National Ballet ?”

  1. Audrey Allure Says:

    Those bags are so cute!

  2. Gabriela Fenwick Serra Says:

    I love ENB as much as Margot Fonteyn could express her feelings through ballet.
    And I would also love to train in their school to become a qualified ballerina, like their very talented company dancers!

  3. ashlee Says:

    I watch the documentary on the bbc I loved the nutcracker episode but i wonder how do those children get into the nutcracker

  4. Fiona Says:

    Love how graceful and elegant it all is

  5. Paul Marshall Says:

    These bags are so elegant and are the perfect prop for the performances on the big stage as the photos illustrate!!!

  6. jackie hutchinson Says:

    really enjoyed the documentary on the BBC x

  7. Melanie Says:

    I love Ballet. I’m always in awe I could never do it



  9. Dee Says:

    Lovely ideal for my daughters dancing gear.

  10. laura avery Says:

    beautiful , elegant and graceful, what more could you ask for?

  11. Brenda Corr Says:

    These bags are so elegant and are the perfect prop for the performances on the big stage as the photos illustrate!!!

  12. holly M Says:

    I adore english national ballet, I saw a performance quite a few years ago and it was so entrancing, I couldn’t take my eyes off the set, the dancers or the costumes and lighting. Everything was so intricately done. I had tears in my eyes by the end.

  13. alison wakefield Says:

    Love the ballet just dont get the time to go lately.

  14. Anne Bostwick Says:

    My little granddaughter has real talent and would love to dance in the ENB one day even though she’s Welsh!

  15. clive h Says:

    London is unique – there is always ballet to be seen, nothing in Spain – now’t

  16. Vanessa Cox Says:

    I always loved ballet, used to attend classes but just can’t do it anymore. I went to see Black Swan and my love for ballet came back again 🙂

  17. Helen S Says:

    Ballet is so graceful and although I tried to learn as a youngster, unfortunately it was not for me, however it has not stopped me loving the performances which I get to see when I can, it’s difficult though as I live in the north of England and often have to travel south for shows which is a struggle with very young children

  18. Carla Bagwell Says:

    The bags are gorgeous and I do so love the English National Ballet!

  19. Denice Says:

    My daughter would just love to use this bag for all her ballet things, her dream is to join the National Ballet when she is older

  20. emmacella Says:

    I always loved ballet, my daughter used to attend classes

  21. Jacqueline Jackson Says:

    I love ballet so much.I spend all my free time watching ballet on you tube, and I would love to win a bag.I would carry it with pride

  22. Lori Darling Says:

    I’d love that bag ….Please enter me tutu

  23. Solange Says:

    I love Ballet.

  24. katherine grieve Says:

    I Love ENB it is my dream to be able to dance like the beautiful ballerinas

  25. Ruth Worthington Says:

    My daughter would love this bag !

  26. Daniella Abraham Says:

    I am entering on behalf of my 10 year old daughter who hopes to dance with ENB one day, Ballet is her life and it would be amazing if we could win 🙂

  27. J Says:

    aw great looking bag, i luv ballet

  28. HANNAH CARTY Says:


  29. HANNAH CARTY Says:


  30. Thais Says:

    I love the English National Ballet because their Adult Ballet Classes are the best and my favorite moment of the week. The organization do everything they can to make ballet more accessible to everyone, and it makes us feel so special. Their dancers are beautiful, and their shows make us dream.
    I have already ordered a bag on their website so no need to win ! 😀

  31. Lisa S Says:

    I love English National Ballet as I feel so into the msuic and movement. I am amazed how you move with such grace and posture. I would so love to win as my Daughter, Chloe, who is just 11 has been dancing for some 8 years and she would simply be the belle of her show with your stunning bag.

  32. Rebecca Denyer Says:

    I remember watching the Nutcracker as a little girl and in the 20 odd years since I have never seen anything as emotional and inspiring, the dancing was beautiful and nothing I have seen since has been able to inspire such feelings in me

  33. Ellie Peabody Says:

    Great bags, much nicer to take out when doing the shopping

  34. Yvonne Crossland Says:

    My daughter would love this bag, she is obsessed with ballet x

  35. angie sandhu Says:

    I started learning ballet as a child but just couldnt get the hang of it. I love it. It is so “pretty” !!

  36. Mandy Says:

    God didn’t bless me with the poise for ballet, purely the passion. It’s time to share my unrequited love with the world…..I LOVE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET.


    Love balet, used to go to balet class when i was younger, its so soothing and elegant to watch, wish i was as good as some of the professional dancers!!

  38. Jill Says:

    Great program
    English ballet is the best

  39. mark Says:

    I used to think the Ballet was a upper class thing~i stand corrected, it is magical experience for all.



  41. Julie F Says:

    Love Swan Lake

  42. Grace Harvey Says:

    These bags look superb I would dearly love 2 have one of these for when i go ballet on Saturdays Winning one of these would be a wonderful ocassion Please pick **** ME ****