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September 9, 2010


press samples Chanel

Ballet NEWS fashion shoot A/W10 Photograph : Cheryl Angear

Ballet News | Style Pointes

If you’ve visited Ballet NEWS before, chances are you’ll be aware that one of my aims is to highlight the versatility of ballet dancers in mainstream channels.

Who remembers Darcey Bussell’s shoot for Caroline Baker at The Sunday Times with leading photographer Anthony Crickmay, or the leather, Avengers-style catsuit she wore in support of the Everyman charity, or the Valentino haute couture black organza ruffle edge cocktail dress from 1971 once owned by Audrey Hepburn which she modelled in 2009 ? 

She’s not alone either – fellow Royal Ballet Principal Tamara Rojo models for  a range of companies including Hoss Intropia.

Corella Ballet’s Tracy Jones recently collaborated with Moi for their 2011 collection. 

A backstage video of Tracy’s shoot has also been published.  


Ballet meets haute couture

All of the clothes featured in this shoot were gloriously comfortable, easy to look after and most importantly, exceedingly wearable.  The M&S coat is beautifully finished and reminiscent of Celine’s A/W10 version – without the price tag.  The Chanel coat is a statement in every sense.  Ghost always produces remarkable dresses, and the three featured here fitted so well, it was as though they were made of water, skimming the contours of the dancer, languorously accentuating line and proportion – something you probably look for in the mirror every day, dancer or not.           

Ballet NEWS

Lace Patsy Dress Black by Ghost £79 (DJ22RA) Sizes S, M, L and XL or 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. Jewel Leather Jacket £245 (JK05MA – available in all Ghost boutiques & online) Pointe shoes (Megan's own) – Freeds of London

Ghost’s leather ‘Jewel’ jacket is everyone’s tasse de thé, strokably softer than butter with a heavy lining and a slightly rascally spirit.  I can tell you on a fashion shoot the clothes are worked hard and no-one wanted to give this one up !  Barbour have long been known for their luxury waterproof jackets and this Flight jacket was finely crafted despite the fashionably chunky ‘Aviator’ look which is trending skywards as I type this – and our quixotic weather helps too !        

Ballet NEWS

Chanel faux fur coat A/W10. Price on application. Stockists 0207 493 5040. Dress & pointe shoes – Megan's own (Pointe shoes are Grishko Pro Flex)

Project Pointe

Earlier this week I co-ordinated a small team for an exclusive Ballet News fashion shoot with these leading brands, who were enthusiastic about collaborating with me on ‘Project Pointe’, launched at the incredibly photogenic Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey, owned by Gael & Francesco Boglione.          

Ballet NEWS

M&S Camel tan trimmed coat (T50 1819) £89 Due in at end of November Pointe shoes (Megan's own) – Freeds of London

The Nurseries have a tropical feel about them, with ancient Dicksonia Antarctica and beautifully crafted, distressed furniture.  They are set in the centre of an Arcadia which was created in the 18th Century and is the one (and only) view protected by an Act of Parliament. The view, from Richmond Hill, encompasses the water meadows along the Thames and has inspired poets, writers & artists.         

Ballet NEWS

Lace Patsy Dress Black by Ghost £79 (DJ22RA) Sizes S, M, L and XL or 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. Pointe shoes (Megan's own) – Freeds of London

And me !  I’ve been a regular visitor to the restaurant for years and I knew that the Nurseries would be the perfect setting for my inaugural A/W10 fashion shoot.         

Ballet NEWS

Barbour Flight Jacket in Black £599 Sizes available: 8 – 18 For stockists please call 0800 009988 or visit Pointe shoes (Megan's own) Freeds of London

Principal dancer Megan Wood was able to fit in the Ballet News shoot before costume fittings and rehearsals begin for her upcoming UK & Ireland tour. I’ve met Megan before and interviewed her last year.          

Ballet NEWS

M&S Red Fringed dress (T50 7445E) £55 An exclusive piece going to ten stores only & online ( from mid November. Pointe shoes (Megan's own) Freeds of London

During the shoot I used a Flip Video Ultra High Definition Camcorder to capture some of the backstage scenes for you.   Once I’ve finished editing I will add them to the website.      

The Flip is easy to use, produces great quality video and the software makes editing videos into movies a dream.         


The Nurseries are also, and justifiably, famous for their restaurant.  A glamorous garden centre on the surface, the restaurant and tea rooms rival any London fine dining and are home to short menus of seasonal produce with Chef Skye Gyngell at the helm.         

Ballet NEWS

Ghost Element Corneila Long dress in black £195 Available in sizes S, M, L and XL or 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Pointe shoes (Megan's own) Freeds of London

You might begin with Buffalo Mozzarella, Dried Chillies, Figs & Saporoso, followed by Beef filet with Borlotti beans, Leeks & Salsa Verde, finished deliciously with St.Nectaire with Walnuts.  A new wine list was introduced in May this year and the menus are subject to daily change as they only source the best, seasonal produce.  What could be better than eating among the flowers ?         

Ballet NEWS

Ghost Ella Floor Length Dress (available in Electric Blue & Black) £72.50 Available online at in sizes S, M, L and XL or 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Pointe shoes (Megan's own) Freeds of London

Prior to the shoot I’d been reading Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones and I can highly recommend it for the hilarious insights into the world of couture.  Cabbage, anyone ?  I’m not talking vegetables.  Fashion Babylon isn’t new, but if you missed it (or any of the Babylon series – they are all revelatory) it’s available here :      


Fashion Babylon (Paperback)

List Price: £8.99 GBP
New From: £2.49 GBP In Stock
Used from: £0.01 GBP In Stock


Ballet NEWS

Chanel faux fur coat A/W10. Price on application. Stockists 0207 493 5040. Dress & pointe shoes – Megan's own (Pointe shoes are Grishko Pro Flex)


With special thanks to Petersham Nurseries         

The restaurant is open for lunch Wednesday – Sunday from 12 – 2.30pm.  It’s essential to make a reservation on 0208 605 3627.          

The Teahouse serves light lunches and opens Tuesday-Saturday 10-4.30pm and Sunday 11-4.30pm.     

For information on where you can see Megan Wood dancing, please contact me.         


Marks & Spencer         



Photography, except where indicated :  Robert Griffin

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  1. AlyGatr Says:

    I love the mix of fashion and dance. My favorite shots are the stunning blue dress (what an amazing pose) and the one with the black, flowing dress and the fence. SO elegant!

  2. Zabrinah's Blog Says:

    Hi! This is my first time to your new site! I’m a little late, but congratulations on the move!

    I really love this post. So professional, and beautiful!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  3. Couture Carrie Says:

    Gooooorgeous post!
    Love that Chanel coat!


  4. Rachel Says:

    I am always drawn to dancers FEET and legs.
    I’d say I respect the most of them for that reason. I believe a pair of pretty/strong legs determine whether you could be a great ballerina or not. Somehow that is the part has nothing to do w/ talent……….

    I love this post especially I like seeing very elegant women in poses!!!

  5. May Says:

    Well, I did not guess Megan Wood but what beautiful feet and line she has in close up………. the choice of clothes and the location are inspired! One of the best photo shoots in ages (sorry, US Vogue).

  6. Make Do Style Says:

    How did I miss this!! Well the Chanel is to die for ! Loved the short black dress, blue dress and barbour jacket. It is a wonderful location and next time you are doing one let me know!! Well done – a lovely post and Fashion Babylon is hilarious

  7. Amanda Hill Says:

    The dancer in the Chanel coat wears Grishko Pro Flex Pointe shoes!!