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August 1, 2013

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Peace One Day invites participation in the One Day One Dance initiative On Peace Day 21 September 2013 in support of Peace One Day

21 September 2013 – Worldwide


Peace One Day’s One Day One Dance initiative aims to see dance events happening all over the world celebrating Peace Day – 21 September 2013. People will be asked to dance in the name of peace; if you are planning a dance event for the day – or want to organise one – it would be great if you could let your audience know about Peace Day. One Day One Dance is open to everyone, professional dancers or people with no experience, children and adults. It can reflect any style from ballet to street dance and it can be small or big, in front of an audience or celebrated with friends or family.

Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley said, “We are delighted to invite individuals and dance organizations to bring their community together as one on Peace Day 21 September 2013 in support of Peace One Day. On Peace Day 21 September 2013, we want to unite, all over the world like never before, taking specific action to reduce violence around the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With? The United Nations, NGOs and other sectors of society are involved and committed to this process. But we are asking individuals around the world to take the lead by gathering in large numbers on Peace Day 2013, providing the leverage needed to inspire governments to follow. For Peace Day to work, all sectors of society must be represented. Therefore, we have been asking everyone, regardless of age, creed, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or political persuasion to join Peace One Day on Saturday 21 September 2013. The commitment of individuals will help to institutionalise Peace Day around the world.”



Founded in 1999 by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, the non-profit organisation Peace One Day drove the initiative that led to the unanimous adoption by UN member states of an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.  With the day in place, Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day around the world, making it self-sustaining. Not only has Peace Day been proved as a catalyst for broad-ranging civil society action by individuals and groups in every country of the world, but also for life-saving activities. Inspired by a 70% recorded reduction in violent incidents on Peace Day in Afghanistan (source: United Nations Department of Safety and Security), and in order to build a strong foundation for 2012, Jeremy launched the Global Truce campaign that involved the creation of a series of Peace One Day coalitions, each with a lead partner: the Global Truce NGO Coalition; the Global Truce ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’ Coalition; the Global Truce Student Coalition; and the Global Truce Schools’ Network. In its first year, these coalitions and networks saw membership grow to thousands of organisations that carried out Peace Day activities all over the world, making 21 September 2012 the largest participation on Peace Day to date. Jeremy approached McKinsey & Company to support Peace One Day in analysing the results of Peace Day 2012 and the resulting report found that over 280 million people were aware of Peace Day in 2012 – 4% of the world’s population. The report further estimates that approximately 2% of those 280 million people (5.6 million) behaved more peacefully as a result.

For Peace Day 21 September 2013, Peace One Day is calling for and working towards a day of ceasefire and non-violence around the theme Who Will You Make Peace With? Peace is not only about stopping wars in other countries. It is about recognising the conflict in our own lives and committing to take the first action towards peaceful dialogue and reconciliation. Peace Day 21 September is the ideal starting point. Individual stories of resolution spread, inspiring others, communities, even nations. By working together there will be Peace One Day.

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