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September 26, 2010

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Early next year see’s the much anticipated release of The Royal Ballet’s La Bayadere, starring Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo.  It’s available for pre-order via Opus Arte, or you can wait until it becomes available via other retailers such as Amazon.  Worth the purchase price just for those two, there is also the utterly sublime Kingdom of the Shades scene which I guarantee will bewitch you.

If you missed Friday night’s BBC4 showing of The Royal Ballet’s MacMillan triple bill, that is avaialble from Opus Arte and also Amazon.  The triple comprises :  Concerto, Elite Syncopations and The Judas Tree.  The latter deals with a different kind of ballet than you may be used to – so please check the details before viewing/purchasing.  Who could resist the jazzy, bright Elite Syncopations ?  The rehearsal sections and the imsights from Royal Ballet Director Monica Mason give you an idea of the inspiration MacMillan found for this work – and it may not be what you expect.  Who else could get away with clashing pink heart-covered tights, red, yellow, blue, mauve, grey, black, magenta, emerald – stripes, blocks, hearts, braces, hats, flowers and canes all in one ballet ? Mara Galeazzi (more often seen in Concerto) gets the beat, Steven McRae works hard but stripes don’t suit him, Fernando Montano and Celisa Diuana in thier crazy-coloured costumes make the most of the corp numbers, and Liam Scarlett’s eye catching costume works with rather than against him and he really shows what he can do.  Concerto is seen around the world, with it’s central pas de deux and simple orange costumes (though I love the yellow ones).  Steven McRae and Yuhui Choe are perfectly matched with each other and the choreography but there are plenty of other spotlights to watch out for.

Macmillan Triple Bill: Royal Ballet 2010 [Blu-ray] [Region Free] (Blu-ray)

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I’ve listed here the Blu-ray versions, just because those would be my recommendations.  In most cases other versions are available if you haven’t converted to Blu-ray.  For ballet performances, which don’t always translate particularly well onto a TV screen because of the scale of the production, the producer’s choice shots etc, it pays to have the best possible quality recording avaialble and Blu-ray is stunning.

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4 Responses to “LATEST Ballet NEWS – Royal Ballet La Bayadere new release & more”

  1. Ballet News Says:

    May said I watched this and recorded it! The performances were genuinely wonderful, and my favourites were Sarah Lamb, McCulloch (Elite), Choe, McRae, Nunez and Pennefather (Concerto) and Benjamin, Acosta and Watson (Judas). Sarah Lamb was especiall…y a revelation in Elite – many famous dancers including Bussell do it well, but not many memorably – the only one I have seen so far was Marion Tait of BRB, and now Lamb. They both make it look like it’s the best role in the world and you can’t take your eyes off them for a minute. Actually, Galeazzi (very good in Elite) is still one of my all-time favourite performers of the second movement of Concerto – such a sublime piece of music…….as brilliant as Nunez and Pennefather were, I wish there was a recording of Galeazzi in the entire pas de deux – is there? Judas Tree is a mystery! – I always see the dancers giving an excellent account of it but the ballet feels quite disturbing and disjointed – maybe because the story is so dark. (I didn’t record Judas Tree, surprise surprise – not.)

  2. Ballet News Says:

    May – I am certain there is a recording somewhere, if only because Galeazzi has danced the pdd so many times around the world, usually with Gary Avis. I shall try to find one.

  3. Chris Says:

    Sadly I missed this but it is available on BBC iPlayer (but not Blue-Ray quality):
    Does anyone know of a website where I can find out about upcoming ballet broadcasts so I don't miss them?

  4. Ballet News Says:

    Chris – you are in the right place for ballet news of all types, including DVD releases and broadcasts