Strictly Come Dancing | Movie week results

December 4, 2011

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing | Movie week results (week 10)

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The professional dancers perform a group dance (CHARLESTON). Pasha Kovalev, Aliona Vilani, Robin Windsor, Kristina Rihanoff, James Jordan, Ola Jordan Photograph : BBC Pictures

Is there a better dance to get you in the swing of things that the Charleston ? The Strictly pro dancers lark their way through a sepia tinted routine packed with tricks and spills.

Oh Lord. Tess has wrapped herself in too-short gold lame and tottering heels.  Again. I don’t care whether it’s Tess or the stylist – sort it out.

Thank heavens for Claudia and long-sleeved pink chiffon, who introduces a re-run of movie night. You probably recall that Chelsee & Pasha lead the celebrities and Robbie & Ola languish at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Tess announces that Alex & James are through to the semi-final, followed by Chelsee & Pasha (to much screaming from Chelsee), but Jason & Kristina are in the bottom two and pretty surprised about it. Bruno gave Jason a 10, so this is and odd choice by the public. His performance was spot-on and clever, and beautifully produced.

Claudia talks to Chelsee and Alex – saying that were it Strictly Come Reactions, they would both win! Alfie Boe performs a trilogy of 007 songs. What were the stomping black maidens for ?  This is Strictly – there are professional dancers on the show!

Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe Photograph : BBC Pictures

Len’s excruciating Lens follows; I’ve said it before but surely there is more that the BBC could come up with that would better crystallize Claudia’s intellect and entertain the audience ? I am pleased to see that Alesha has covered up for once but this segment could slide into next year and no-one would miss it.

The professional dancers perform a group dance (MEDLEY). Flavia Cacace, Vincent Simone, Brendan Cole, Natalie Lowe

The professional dancers perform a group dance (MEDLEY). Flavia Cacace, Vincent Simone, Brendan Cole, Natalie Lowe Photograph : BBC Pictures

Tess reveals that the next couple safely through are Harry & Aliona, followed by Holly & Artem.  Robbie & Ola join Jason & Kristina in the bottom two.

Wonderful to see the Strictly professionals inspired by the Rat Pack.  Heavenly.

Claudia talks to the two couples in the bottom two – Kristina is very visibly upset and Claudia is worried about her. Did Jason take too much of a risk trying to fill Gene Kelly’s shoes ?

 Kristina Rihanoff, Jason Donovan, Ola Jordan, Robbie Savage

Kristina Rihanoff, Jason Donovan, Ola Jordan, Robbie Savage Photograph : BBC Pictures

And so it’s Robbie who leaves the competition this week. He’s given the audience a great deal of entertainment but it is perhaps fair that as he’s not the best dancer at this stage, he should leave tonight.

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