Strictly Come Dancing results | Wembley week 8

November 20, 2011

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing results | Wembley week 8  

Strictly Dancers and mini

BEATLES MEDLEY Alex Jones, Holly Valance Photograph : BBC Pictures

Last night’s Strictly Come Dancing show came live from Wembley Arena, and now it’s time to see who has been voted off. But first……

Not one but two glorious Mini’s decked out in Union Jacks take pride of place on the stage, as a Beatles medley plays and the professional dancers do their thing.

The Mini’s contain the celebrities, who fly out once the doors are opened.  The judges dance their way out of a red telephone box and the full Quadrophenia effect (it’s on later) takes over. Brilliant.

Claudia and Tess make their way onto the central dias to introduce the judges and the crowd-pleasers to come. Il Divo, James Morrison and Jessie J.

mini and strictly dancers

BEATLES MEDLEY Russell Grant, Anita Dobson, Robbie Savage, Chelsee Healey Photograph : BBC Pictures

First it’s a round-up of last night’s entertainment over-laced by the judges reactions backstage, which allows another chance, if you want it, to see Russell burst forth from the cannon and Ola’s lace catsuit.

The first couple through to next week is Anita & Robin, followed by Robbie & Ola and Alex & James.  Russell & Flavia find themselves in danger and in the bottom two. Bruno says, this is a dance competition but if Russell has to go, he will miss him for the sheer entertainment.

Claudia talks to the saved couples, with Anita over the moon to be called out first. Robbie opened the biggest ever Strictly, but he said it was better than playing a cup final – and he’s nearly in tears saying so. Alex is practically speechless.

James Morrison and Jessie J are applauded on to the set.  Morrison sings his beautiful new single Up.

Then we are back to Len’s Lens. Claudia wants to focus on Craig flying through the air, and Brian May records a special message for him. Hysterical footage of Len and Craig dancing together at the end of last night’s show. The slow mo of Bruno atop the judges is quite something else.

Il Divo
IL DIVO : Photograph : BBC Pictures

Tess announces that the next couple through to next week is Chelsee & Pasha, along with Harry & Aliona.

Holly & Artem join Russell & Flavia in the bottom two, leaving Jason and Kristina safe.
strictly dancers

Flavia Cacace, Russell Grant, Holly Valance, Artem Chigvinstev Photograph : BBC Pictures

Alesha wants Holly & Artem in the top 7, 100% and doesn’t want her to leave because she has so much more and could go all the way.

Claudia introduces the band who put the op into opera : IL DIVO. Once the quartet break into English, the crown begins to roar. I could say goodbye.

Jessie J, James Morrison

Jessie J, James Morrison Photograph : BBC Pictures

And so we come to that moment when someone has to leave.  It’s Russell and Flavia. It’s probably fair; at this stage in the show we want to see the best dancers competing, and he’s been great entertainment but if Holly had to leave that would have been the wrong result on a dance competition.


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