Strictly Come Dancing week 6 – Bonfire Night

November 5, 2011

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing week 6 

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Harry Judd and Aliona Valani dance the Samba to I Wish by Stevie Wonder Photograph : BBC Pictures

Let’s light the Strictly touchpaper and see what Lulu and Brendan have in store for us this week with their Tango.

Body contact could be better, and Lulu is hopping between turns to keep up with Brendan, but she hasn’t forgotten the routine! Len Goodman is on holiday this week, and so Jennifer Grey, star of Dirty Dancing, stands in for him, though Craig Revel-Horwood is Head Judge. Jennifer begins by telling Lulu how gorgeous she looks, and has one question – whatever is in her porridge, she wants some! Alesha commends Lulu for working through her little mishaps, which the judges have come to expect. Bruno says that Lulu drives his crazy, because she lost her frame and her strength part way through. Craig found Lulu’s head and neck placement very poor and she keeps miming.

Brendan speaks on behalf of everyone to say what an honour it is to have Jennifer Grey on the panel, and she is touched.

They score : 27

Audley and Natalie dance to keep out of the bottom two this week – and they have the Viennese Waltz. Natalie floats across a bridge and Audley is off to a strong start in hold. Natalie has had a haircut, so no more hair-ography. Audley isn’t a great turner, particularly at speed, but he does a good job. Bruno noticed how delicate and sensitive Audley was, but the continuous drive that needs to be present in the dance was missing at times. Craig said that he must learn to spot when he turns and he noticed that his tongue kept hanging out of his head! Jennifer thought it was “Audley enchanting.”

They score : 27 (their highest score to date)

Harry and Aliona dance the Samba, a notoriously tricky dance. He looks nervous. It’s a bit laboured and Aliona is doing a lot of the work. Harry has got the steps but he hasn’t mastered the Samba enough to stop it from looking awkward. Bruno said it was a Samba full of pecs appeal, but the sense of abandon wasn’t there and his bounce action was forced. Craig loved Harry’s shirt but again, the lack of bounce action on the voltas was missing, but he loved everything else.  Jennifer wants Harry to let go a little more and Alesha thought Harry looks more comfortable in hold, in the ballroom dances. Harry admitted that he was nervous and found it really tough.

They score : 33

Holly Valance and Bruce Forsyth Photograph : BBC Pictures

Anita and Robin dance the Charleston – the first of the series.  Will the 1920’s style suit her ? Sat at the bar, Anita starts on her own, beckoning Ronin to her. She has a beautiful backless flapper dress and she’s certainly got rhythm!  They finish with a flourish as Bobby pours her a martini! Craig said that Anita brought the dance to live, and Jennifer saw why she is a national treasure, though she could point her toes a little more. Anita is delighted to hear that even though she lost timing a few times, she is becoming a dancer.

They score : 31

Jason and Kristina dance the Rhumba, Jason’s first romantic dance and another tricky one for the male celebrities to master. I would like to see the celebrities spending more time in training and less making these cringe-worthy clips before they dance.  Finally, the dance. Jason looks a little awkward and stiff and his cheesy smile isn’t in keeping with the dance.  He looks like a strutting chicken and relieved that it’s over. Jennifer loves the song but wants Jason to dig deeper and connect more to his partner. Alesha was bored through the dance and said it felt contrived.  No sparkle or chemistry. Bruno didn’t see anything tonight, no focus on the performance; it just wasn’t there compared to his usual standard.  Craig said it was too earnest and it exposed Jason.

They score : 28 (and please can Jennifer speak normally when she gives her score ? She isn’t, actually, Len)

Alex and James have the Quickstep, and they begin confidently. Alex looks as though she’s loving it and her beautiful jewelled blue dress with it’s buttery underskirts whisk along the floor too, so much so that they fall over after the end of the dance! Alesha said it was classy and suited Alex, despite the mistakes. Bruno said that Alex messed up on her footwork a couple of times but overall it was lovely.  Craig thought the moment when Alex got her heel caught in her dress was handled very, very well. Jennifer said the dance made her feel giddy.

They score : 31

Robbie and Ola tackle the Waltz, which should suit Robbie. Sat on a couple of chairs, Ola in pink whisps and Robbie suited and booted, they take off with lots of rise and fall around the ballroom, finishing where they began, on the chairs. A very romantic dance. Bruno said is was slightly broken-hearted, but very correct. Craig said it was devoid of any emotion, and found Robbie tense and angry on the pivots.  Jennifer said that she would like to see Robbie loosen up and connect with Ola a little bit more.

They score : 29

Russell and Flavia take on the Paso Doble, which may be quite a challenge. Russell begins on the back of a bull, wearing geeky specs, pretending he can’t see.  Flavia arrives and they take on the shape of the dance. Sort of. Russell has large spots about his waist and a quite unique expression on his face! Craig’s face is a picture! “Astonishing” is what he says. Jennifer says that Russell will be here for a while if he keeps on entertaining everyone. Bruno said “demented and fabulous at the same time. I loved it.”

They score : 24

Chelsee and Pasha dance the Charleston and this is a dance that really should suit her.  They’ve also had a bit more training time this week and she’s moved on from last week’s wardrobe malfunction that so upset her. Sat in a glittery broken down car, Chelsee attracts Pasha’s attention (he’s dressed as a mechanic). She loses timing a little, and finally loses the unflattering feathered dressing gown, and dances her way to the end. Jennifer says “from one Baby to another, you keep dancing like that and nobody’s going to put you in the corner.” Bruno said “fabulous flapper.  Teasing and pleasing.” Craig said it was “fab-u-lous.”

They score : 36

Holly and Artem are about to explode onto the dancefloor.  Artem injured himself in rehearsals this afternoon (hence the photographs with Bruce as he went for treatment during the dress rehearsal) but he made it through the dance. Danced in identical costumes, right down to the spats, this Jive looks amazing.  Fast. Holly is matching Artem step for blistering step and looks really confident. They receive a standing ovation from the audience. Alesha said it was a cool and sophisticated Jive. Bruno said it was very creative and cool. Craig absolutely loved the concept. Jennifer said the choreography thrilled her.

They score : 34

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This week’s music was :

Holly Valance and Artem Chigvintsev dance the Jive to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

Lulu and Brendan Cole dance the Tango to Kiss by Prince

Audley Harrison and Natalie Lowe dance the Vienesse Waltz to I’m With You by Avril Lavigne

Anita Dobson and Robin Windsor dance the Charleston to I Got Rhythm by Ruthie Henshall and Kirby Wood.

Alex Jones and James Jordan dance the Quickstep to It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Aint Got That Swing by Chantz.

Russell Grant and Flavia Cacace dance the Paso to Carmen by Carmen Jones

Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev dance the Charleston to Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue to Davina and The Vagabonds

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rhianoff dance the Rumba to Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack

Harry Judd and Aliona Valani dance the Samba to I Wish by Stevie Wonder

Robbie Savage and Ola Jordan dance the Waltz to Love Ain’t Here Anymore by Take That

All Photographs © BBC Pictures. No unauthorized reproduction.

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