Strictly results – who will leave the show in the week before the quarter finals ?

November 28, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing

Tonight’s show opens with the Strictly Come Dancing professionals in a fast and furious jive, dressed in purple and black, perhaps in honour of Prince, whose song they are dancing to.  Who will be this weeks casualty ?

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Ola Jordan Photograph : BBC Pictures

Claudia Winkleman introduces the other acts tonight, James Blunt and Ola & James Jordan’s rumba.  But first, we have the judges talking about the couples, saying that they all messed up a little bit.

ballet, ballet news, Strictly, BBC, Ola Jordan, James Jordan

Ola Jordan Photograph : BBC Pictures

The first couple safe this week is Matt & Aliona, followed by Pamela & James and Ann & Anton.  The first couple in the bottom two, and in danger, are Patsy & Robin.

James Blunt, Strictly, BBC, ballet, dance, ballet news

James Blunt Photograph : BBC Pictures

Len says that Strictly isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Next week is the quarter final, and this week should be the fight for the final.

ballet, ballet news, Strictly, dance, BBC, results

The Strictly Come Dancing cast Photograph : BBC Pictures

Claudia talks to the saved couples; Pamela said that she had the best night on Strictly with her daughters in the audience.  Her partner, James, is preparing to dance with his wife, Ola Jordan.  Their rumba starts with Ola in a backless lace catsuit (you knew it would be), joined by James on his knees, quickly launching into a series of spinning lifts and measured, intense moments.

ballet news, ballet, dance, BBC, Strictly, results

The Strictly Come Dancing cast Photograph : BBC Pictures

Claudia talks to Ann and Anton, whose rumba bore no resemblence to the dance we’ve just seen.  Ann says that she trusts the viewers not to put them in the bottom two.

ballet news, ballet, Strictly, dance, BBC, Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit Photograph : BBC Pictures

Next week is movie week, and the couples have been looking to the legends of the silver screen for inspiration – so there follows a cheezy clip of Matt doing Dancing in the Rain, Kara doing Flashdance, Pamela & Scott doing Grease and Ann in The Wizard of Oz, Scott & Gavin revealled their chests.

The next couple safe is Kara & Artem, followed by Natalie & Scott.  This leaves Gavin & Katya in the bottom two with Patsy and Robin.  Gavin is in the bottom two for the first time, though he liked the dance and thought he did fairly well.  He’s disappointed though.

James Blunt exclusively dances his new single, So far gone.

So, the moment of truth has arrived, and the public have voted.  Patsy & Robin are out of Strictly, and leave the show.

ballet news, ballet, dance, Strictly, BBC, Patsy Kensit, results

Patsy Kensit Photograph : BBC Pictures

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One Response to “Strictly results – who will leave the show in the week before the quarter finals ?”

  1. Polly Says:

    I’m not sure who will leave … sometimes it is an absolute surprise. It is like music competitions (X Factor, etc) the sound must come over completely different through the television or else the judges must on occasion be totally tone deaf. The dance programmes are the same – sometimes, contestents appear to be moving almost like cardboard cutouts or stiff and jerky and get terrifc compliments and points. Others sometime are much more flowing and graceful and get much lower marks. They all do quite well, especially those who have never danced before and it must be daunting to perform in front of a live audience – rather them than me, I think.