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How ballet technique can be improved with photography

November 5, 2012

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ballet dancer cups her head in her hands

Alaia Rogers | Second year student at The Royal Ballet School uses photography to refine her technique Earlier this year I was photographing a rehearsal for Ballet News where the choreographer was present in the studio. It might sound normal but this isn’t always the case – sometimes the Ballet Mistress or Notator will take the […]

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Ballet Business | Dancing on paper

December 19, 2011

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a sample of Benesh Notation

Ballet Business| Dancing on paper | Choreography Central As part of the Ballet News Choreography Central series of in-depth features going backstage to find out who & what brings ballet to life, today’s subject answers the question : how do you write movement, in this case ballet, and what are the practical applications of being able to do so ? What is Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) ? […]

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The Everyday Dancer by former Royal Ballet Principal Deborah Bull

September 22, 2011


ballet dancer

The Everyday Dancer by the Royal Ballet’s Deborah Bull with illustrations by Millicent Hodson   First things first. You absolutely need to read this book. Deborah Bull knows her subject and will take you on a journey that you may be unfamiliar with – as a dance student (male or female) or the parent/guardian of […]

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