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Ballet wear for men

April 15, 2011

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red ballet top for men

Following my recent feature on ballet wear for women, today I’d like to highlight what’s available for men to wear while ballet training.  Unfortunately the range of colours isn’t as great, but with a bit of searching there are some shapes and styles that stand out above the others. One of the sites I recemmend […]

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Spring/Summer Ballet Wear

April 8, 2011


three pairs of flip flops

It’s time to ditch the black and grey in favour of summer brights in the studio. Here’s a selection of ballet wear to cheer you and your fellow dancers in time for class.  Bloch Ref: Z0979 Bloch’s very soft knitted acrylic tube £15.50 Freddy Ref: 34976RB Freddy’s luxe 100% cotton sweat top has The Royal Ballet logo […]

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Bloch Ballet Warm-Up Booties

February 23, 2011


Bloch warm up boots in purple blue and red

Bloch Ballet Warm-Up Booties Today I want to highlight the versatility of Bloch’s warm-up boots, worn by professional dancers and dance students the world over. It’s not only dancers who wear them – they are the warmest slippers you can imagine and perfect for lounging at home in. I’m often asked what dancers wear in […]

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Cupcakes & Conversation with Lauren Ciobanu, Demi Soloist, Houston Ballet

February 21, 2011


dancer kneeling on stage

Cupcakes & Conversation with Lauren Ciobanu, Demi Soloist, Houston Ballet  What motivates you at 8am on a Monday morning ? My husband kicking me out of bed! No, but seriously the idea that I can keep progressing and evolving. Trying to master or more deeply understand whatever role I am working on at the time. […]

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Ballet Business : Pointe shoes deconstructed

January 20, 2011


Ballet News, pointe shoes,

It’s Not Magic; it’s linen & often flour It’s not magic that keeps a ballerina on her toes – it’s a mixture of materials – often burlap, flour, dextrine*, paper, potato starch, rough and smooth leather, coarse linen, satin, papier-mâché, held together with glue of a secret formula. You may have seen dancers strutting about, […]

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