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Ballet Business | Chiropractic for ballet dancers

March 3, 2011


dancer receives adjustment at the Chiropractor

Ballet News | Chiropractic for ballet dancers “For a lot of dancers, seeing a chiropractor rather than a physiotherapist is a big jump,” says Dr Camilla Ellis DC. “Within companies they can be led to believe that ballet dancers don’t see chiropractors. It’s not true.” Ballet company staff Ballet companies sometimes have physiotherapists on the staff and […]

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Harlequin floors, Dance UK & National Institute of Dance Medicine & Science

February 16, 2011


Today I’d like to highlight the importance of dancer’s health, and two of the companies who are working hard in leading the way in this field. Harlequin Floors are acknowledged the world over as leaders in advanced technology flooring for dance, and they recently made a huge donation to Dance UK towards their latest initiative. Dance […]

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