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It’s All About The Ballet Details

January 2, 2015

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Prisca Bertoni photographed on location for Ballet News by Cheryl Angear

It’s All About The Ballet Details Attention to detail is the thing that raises your work beyond an ordinary level, in any field. Here on Ballet News I’m constantly striving to create unique, creative and – sometimes – edgy work. Specific tools are needed for some of this work and this campaign is all about raising […]

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Exposed : The ballet dancer capturing it all

July 24, 2012

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ballet dancer crawls on stage

The ballet dancer’s snapshot Anecdotal evidence suggests that a higher than average proportion of professional ballet dancers use a camera (often a high-end model) as a hobby and a way of recording the backstage preparations and after-show celebrations. You often find dancers at the side of the stage capturing the action. It’s easy to see why; visual by nature, […]

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Ballet News Invites … YOU

April 26, 2012

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ballet dancers in oil paintings

Ballet News Invites…. you to preview a selection of the most popular photographs on the website Today I received a message via the Ballet News facebook page, as follows : For publication “Dear Ballet News, I have been enjoying all the wonderful and interesting photographs that you have been sharing with us all. I know […]

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Ballet News | Shutterbug

February 18, 2012

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ballet pics

Ballet News | Shutterbug Towards the end of last year, I asked Ballet Newsers for help in reaching one of my Ballet News related goals – to buy a very special lens – a Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM lens, to be precise. It’s so special because it is one of Canon’s Luxury line, a […]

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Ballet News | Christmas presents

December 22, 2011


ballet photos

Ballet News | Christmas presents You love Ballet News, right ? And it’s Christmas time and that means…. presents. Yes ? In order to bring you the very best in professional ballet photography I have to use the very best equipment. It’s a very expensive investment and I’m doing pretty well but I could use a […]

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Sugar Plum moments with Martha Leebolt, Premier Dancer with Northern Ballet

May 22, 2011


dancer stands next to the barre

Sugar Plum moments with Northern Ballet Principal, Martha Leebolt I’m comparing toes with Cleopatra, a.k.a. Martha Leebolt, and it’s caught me slightly by surprise. How many prima ballerinas do you know who would, unprompted, whip off their shoes and show you their feet ? Leebolt’s are strong & tiny, with no discernable marks from a […]

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Ballet NEWS | Urban Ballet Dancer

April 26, 2011

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dancer posing in pointe shoes in the street

Urban Ballet Dancer Spanish photographer Saskia Font hails from an artistic family; her father is a painter, her mother is a ceramist and her grandparents were dancers. Since she was very small, Saskia enjoyed ballet and she has conceived Bailarina y Urbe to highlight the contrast between the purity and elegance of dance against the […]

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