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Ballet News Limited Edition postcards for sale

March 5, 2012

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ballet postcards

Ballet News | Limited Edition postcards for sale I’m really pleased to be able to offer Ballet Newsers a Limited Edition (each postcard will be numbered) collection of postcards featuring the work of Daniel Paul Jones, a Soloist with English National Ballet as well as a choreographer, documentary film-maker and photographer. Made from 352gsm thick paper, the postcards […]

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Ballet Business | Dancing on paper

December 19, 2011

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a sample of Benesh Notation

Ballet Business| Dancing on paper | Choreography Central As part of the Ballet News Choreography Central series of in-depth features going backstage to find out who & what brings ballet to life, today’s subject answers the question : how do you write movement, in this case ballet, and what are the practical applications of being able to do so ? What is Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) ? […]

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Ballet | Continuous

October 17, 2011


ballet dancer

Ballet | Continuous A while ago I interviewed Monica Pelfrey, a ballet dancer with Los Angeles Ballet, for Cupcakes & Conversation. Well, Monica recently worked on a video with freelance choreographer, Summer Jones, at the famous Salk Institute in San Diego. Ballet, maths and architecture Monica says, “I would love to share this video with […]

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