How To Successfully Feng Shui Your Wedding Day

wedding flowers in lots of colours

How To Successfully Feng Shui Your Wedding Day

wedding flowers in lots of colours
Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography
Feng Shui
Thousands of years old, Feng Shui is a Chinese system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi). Working with these principles can benefit you in your life, health, career and relationships.
Is there a more important day than your wedding day, when you really want everything to go just right ? Feng Shui can help on this day too.
Why would you want to ? Making intentional choices about your wedding flowers and their colours is just one way to benefit from Feng Shui. When you feel the positive shift in energy that arises from making Feng Shui changes in your life, chances are you’ll want that to be especially prevalent on important days.
As the Chinese New Year begins on the 8th February 2016 it seems appropriate to focus on Feng Shui and how it can help. 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese terms and there won’t be another one until 2028.

Massi Harwood has been studying and practicing Feng Shui for the past 20 years. She first became fascinated by it in the Nineties when she lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, where the Chinese art is a way of life. She studied under the grand masters of Feng Shui and when she returned to the UK she continued her training and now offers Feng Shui consultations for people all over the world, to help them transform their lives.

3 tips from Massi to help you focus on the areas where Feng Shui can help on your wedding day


Choose complementary and auspicious colours 

Be mindful about choosing the right colours for your wedding. According to the Feng Shui colour philosophy there are certain colours that you shouldn’t mix together as they are clashing and can cause disharmony. The colours that should not be chosen together are : red and blue, red and metallic colours, green and metallic colours such as white, grey, silver and gold, earthy colours and any shade of blue.

The auspicious colours to use for any occasion especially for weddings are the colours that create harmony and bring joy and happiness to any party. The Feng Shui colour combinations with good energies are: yellow, cream, beige, ochre, terracotta, orange with any shade of red or pink.  You can mix any metallic colours such as grey, silver, gold with any shade of blue, you can mix any shade of blue with any shade of green and finally you can mix any shade of green with any shade of red or purple.

If you don’t want to mix colours together, you can choose the colour of your choice and mix it with different shades of the same colour.

The classic black and white is also a perfect Feng Shui colour that is suitable for any occasion.

The flowers that are mostly suitable in traditional Feng Shui weddings are : roses, chrysanthemums, peonies and tulips. [Ed note : of these, for 2016 the luckiest flower is the chrysanthemum].

Location, Location, Location

Your location is very important, and you should choose one for your wedding that is surrounded with beauty and nature, such as a stately home or by the beach. As you are both the centre of the universe on that day, everything should be beautiful, shiny and sparkling.

Traditionally, brides and grooms wear something gold on their wedding day which is to signify beauty, elegance, abundance and also protection, as gold is one of the best metals on earth for health and protection. By the way, it does not have to be real gold – as long as it’s gold-looking, shiny and beautiful.

Use round tables at your wedding and if possible only invite people who you both love and respect.

A few weeks before your wedding day clean and detox your home before you begin life there as a married couple. Do this by firstly decluttering all your old stuff that doesn’t serve you any longer. Have a look at your belongings as you go through them and ask yourself these questions:

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Do I use it?

If you absolutely love them and use them it’s good to keep them, if not you can either give to your family/friends or otherwise give them to charity which in return brings you good fortune. Remember the word clutter means to clot and that means stagnant energy, being stuck in life and a lack of abundance. To counteract this we need to create a flow in our homes. Your wardrobe and cupboards should only be half full and never stuffed with things so that you can’t find anything. Before you go shopping to buy more stuff, give away few items in advance to create a space.

This is one of the most important aspects of starting a new life with another person : to start a new life together with freshness and newness. Never bring your old bed from a divorce or separation to this new life. Beds carry so much energy with them, so it is vitally important that you have a new bed that you both love and chose together. When purchasing new items for your home always decide together so you don’t build any resentment. Share your ideas and goals with each other. After your wedding, keep the romance alive by going somewhere special for a romantic outing at least once a month.

Your favourite wedding photograph

Choose one of your favourite wedding photographs with the two of you together and have it framed beautifully. Place it somewhere in your bedroom, so you can see it every day to remind you of your special day and your love for each other.

If you would like to benefit from one of Massi Harwood’s consultations, please send the contact form below, and if you would like to talk about your wedding photography with someone familiar with Feng Shui, please contact me and I’ll be very happy to help.

Glitter Pointe Shoes

pink glitter pointe shoes

Glitter Pointe Shoes

pink glitter pointe shoes
Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography

Pointe shoes come in many forms. Usually, they are pink satin, but you wouldn’t catch Cinderella without a glittery pointe shoe, would you ?

It’s not magic that keeps a ballerina on her toes – it’s a mixture of materials – often burlap, flour, dextrine, paper, potato starch, rough and smooth leather, coarse linen, satin, papier-mâché, held together with glue of a secret formula.

You may have seen dancers strutting about, stork-like, backstage, scratching in the rosin tray.  Rosin, which is made from pine tree sap, is used to stop their feet from slipping.  It’s not uncommon for dancers to use other materials too, for example detergent, cleansers, Coca-Cola & rubber cement.


pink glittery pointe shoes
Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography

These Merlet pink glitter pointe shoes are not for wearing. They’d make a great Christmas present for someone who wants to display a pair, and they come in two other colours besides pink – diamond and gold.

Unusually for pointe shoes, the ribbons come attached to the shoes and make a nice finishing touch. Available now (follow the link above), if you want a Christmas delivery then you’d need to be swift!

Olympian Gold for You

ballet bag

Olympian Gold for You

ballet bag
The Miu Miu Madras

Who wouldn’t love to have a Gold medal around their neck this summer ?

Well, as that may not be entirely possible for the majority of us, Miu Miu has come up with a truly fab alternative.

You CAN have Gold, Silver or Bronze about your person this summer – and in the form of a mega-useful handbag.

Not only that, but these three shades are Limited Editions, and only available via selected London branches, so you’ll need to do your best impression of Usain Bolt if you’re to be in with a chance of bagging one of these gorgeous creations.

Whether you’re off to the Olympics or the Opera House, show you’re a winner with Miu Miu’s Gold, Silver and Bronze handbags. Just like the aforementioned medals, only a select few will get one…..

Call 0207 409 0900.

£795 (but it’s an investment !)

Happy Ballet News Year

ballet fashion

Happy Ballet News Year

ballet fashion

Happy Ballet News Year!

So, the tree has been recycled and the decorations packed away for another year.  The glitter, the glamour and the gorgeousness  of 2012 awaits…..

Ballet treats

Here on Ballet News you’ll find treat after treat to whizz you through January and beyond.  Let’s start with something to keep you warm.  It’s been properly windy this week. Storm-force winds. If you’re going to be blown all the way to Oz you don’t want to arrive unprepared! There isn’t much that will keep me away from pink, or pom poms for that matter, and why would anyone want to ?  Take a look at this snuggly faux fur pom pom duffle coat from TopShop if you need convincing !

ballet pink coat

At £95, the duffle coat is an above the knee pink hooded faux fur coat with toggle fastenings and pom pom detail at the collar. Length: 76cm/30inches. 67% Modacrylic,17% Polyester,16% Acrylic. Dry Clean Only.

Ballet dress

What to wear underneath ? Well, I’ve been quite taken by this lace skater skirt dress, again from TopShop.

ballet lace dress

lace dress

It’s £58.00, actually coral, and the Lace Racer Cute Skirted Dress is 66% Cotton,34% Polyester. Machine washable.

Ballet shoes

To set all this off, how about a colourful pair of turquoise peep-toe shoes from River Island at £40.00? The turquoise peep toe shoes have a contrasting purple ankle strap and pink heel, heel height 14cm.

ballet shoe

I can’t resist including this raspberry UGG boot – though unfortunately it’s for children only ! UGG Australia Kids T Classic-I Boot is priced from £109.99.

pink ballet boot

UGG Australia Kids T Classic-I (Shoes)

List Price: £250.42
New From: £72.85 – £250.42
Used from: Out of Stock

 Ballet make-up

And finally, one of my favourite make-up artists, Lisa Eldridge, came up with a simply stunning party look, which is so pretty it’s a perfect match for the items I’ve chosen here. Lisa has made a video to show all of the items she’s wearing in this look – and just wait until you reach the mascara stage and see the transformation !  It’s an easy look that suits a lot of people and isn’t hard to apply.

I will say that it’s been hard sourcing the items as they are very popular, but persevere because it’s totally worth it.  At the bottom of the video you’ll see that Lisa has listed all of the items and where you can buy them.  As I’ve said, you will need to shop around quite a lot because the items are now quite scarce, but Chanel told me this week that they were hoping for more stock from January 10th so I have everything crossed that you’ll be lucky!  This is a look that doesn’t need to be saved for special occasions!

And remember…. keep sparkling ! It may be January but YOU are a STAR!