Cupcakes & Conversation with Pippa Moore, Premier Dancer, Northern Ballet

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Cupcakes & Conversation with Pippa Moore, Premier Dancer, Northern Ballet

Pippa Moore  Photo by Simon Lawson
Pippa Moore Photo by Simon Lawson

What motivates you at 8am on a Monday morning ?

I must be hard wired after all these years of discipline and dedication; by 8am I’ve been up a while organising what needs to be done!

If ballet chose you, as many dancers say it did, what is it that has made you stick with it ?

Setting realistic goals for myself, then taking encouragement from achieving them. Also a desire to prove to myself and the people who
supported me that I could become a successful ballet dancer.

What are you looking forward to dancing during 2013 & what are the big challenges likely to be for you ?

I am looking forward to Northern Ballet’s new production of Cinderella this December. We will also be reviving A Midsummer Night’s Dream; the role of Helena was created for me in 2003, so the challenge will be to bring her back 10 years later with all the original choreography and details.

Who would you most like to dance with & what would you dance ?

With John Travolta circa 1978 in the film Grease.

If you could dance anywhere in the world (not only in a theatre), where would you dance ?


Pippa Moore as Giselle, photograph Bill Cooper
Pippa Moore as Giselle, photograph Bill Cooper

How do you prepare your pointe shoes ?

I sew on ribbons and elastic and cut across through the back at the ¾ mark. We often wear flesh-coloured pointe shoes which means having to colour them with a water based make up to match my own skin tone.

What is your daily routine at the moment ?

When the company is at base rehearsing, I arrive at work at 9am to prepare. Monday to Saturday class is 10-11.15am, morning rehearsals are 11.30-2.30pm, afternoon rehearsals 3.30-6.30pm. If it’s a performance day, we start at 11 or 12 and finish rehearsing at 5.30pm.

What do you eat during the course of a typical working day ?

Breakfast is a must – I prefer cereal or porridge with soya milk and dried fruit. Lunch is a wholemeal sandwich – peanut butter and banana is a favourite. Late afternoon I’ll snack on a cereal bar, nuts/seeds, apple or biscuits. Dinner will be either pasta rice or quinoa with tofu or pulses and vegetables in various combinations of sauces followed by a soya yoghurt.

You can ask six famous people to dinner – who would you invite ?

David Attenborough, Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn, Stephen Fry, Julie Walters and Craig Busch (The Lion Man).

What would surprise people about you ?

I have been a vegan for over 15 years ……… however, what tends to surprise people is that I haven’t been ill once in all that time – not even a proper cold!

Who inspired you to dance ?

The cast of the 1980’s series Fame.

What is your best piece of advice ?

Eat your greens!

How do you prepare in the hours before a show ?

There’s really only ever enough time for me to get ready – two hours can go by quickly. I have some food at the theatre, do my hair or wig, apply makeup, choose shoes, warm up then put on my costume. With any spare time I sew and prepare pointe shoes for the next day.  

How do you deal with the stress of performing ?

I power nap, stay calm and quiet and keep things in perspective.

Which role has tested you the most & how ?

Probably the role of Giselle. Act 2 requires superhuman control and nerves of steel.

If you were asked to design your own ballet costume, what would you create ?

A unique haute couture creation, using organic materials, ethically sourced and cruelty free, so no leather or exploitation involved whatsoever.

Pippa Moore as Butterfly in Madame Butterfly  Photo by Merlin Hendy
Pippa Moore as Butterfly in Madame Butterfly Photo by Merlin Hendy

What do you look for in a dance partner ?

Someone who is capable and reliable ……. however, having a good sense of humour and smelling nice also helps.

What is your favourite quote ?

“What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach.

Do you have a ‘signature step’ – one that comes naturally to you ?

Petit Allegro in general is my favourite.

A phrase I use far too often is … ?

“At the end of the day…..”

What’s been your best on-stage moment so far ?

How do you choose one moment from 20 years on stage? Maybe in terms of unique experience I would choose ‘flying’ as Wendy in Peter Pan – I thought I would be frightened but it was fantastic.

Do you have a secret skill which no-one knows about ?

Flat pack furniture assembly.

In terms of your ballet career, where would you like to be in a year from now ?

In a year from now I’d like to still be inspired and learning, still fit and strong and still able to bring pleasure to audiences everywhere through my performances.

Who would you like to have a conversation with ?

HH Dalai Lama.

What is your exit strategy, for the time when you stop dancing, and how did you plan it ?

When I stop dancing I will travel and ultimately I would like to be given the chance to ‘give back’ using what I have learnt through my career in order to benefit others. How did I plan it? ……. I just followed my heart.

Leading international artists surprise in London 2012 Festival events across the UK

Leading international artists surprise in London 2012 Festival events across the UK


10 July 2012 – Wayne McGregor, Compagnie Carabosse, Gilles Peterson, Sébastien Tellier, Shobana Jeyasingh, Hofesh Shechter, Kronos Quartet, Oscar Muñoz in unusual places; and Alan Ayckbourn, Jeremy Irons, Julie Walters, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Eyre, Soweto Kinch, Chris Ofili, Mark-Anthony Turnage, and Rachel Gadsden also among the stars of London 2012 Festival’s fourth week


In the fourth week of the London 2012 festival, great artists in unusual places pop up throughout theweek around the UK in Festival events, many of them free, including the UK wide programme of Big Dance inviting everybody to join in. In partnership with our cultural institutions, great new commissions with celebrated international artists open in theatres, concert halls and on TV.


Art in Unusual Places:


Big Dance 2012 is the biggest dance yet, engaging millions of people across the whole of the UK for the first time with a week of dance-inspired projects and high-profile mass performances culminating on 15 July.  Performances from some of the greatest names in dance are brought together with vibrant new talent, and events for everyone to participate in venues ranging from public square andshopping centres, to parks, playgrounds, beaches, bridges, studios and swimming pools.  Among the programme highlights is Big Street Dance Day on 14 July, which sees celebrations of dance in publicspaces across the UK. In London’s Trafalgar Square, 1,000 performers from 30 London groups will perform a new dance piece by Wayne McGregor, based on the Olympic values of community and participation. Commissioned films from Big Dance Beijing and Big Dance Rio will also be broadcast in the Square.  U.Dance 2012 at Southbank Centre sees the best of UK youth dance and presents the premiere of a new UK-wide youth dance company led by choreographer Hofesh Shechter. Throughout the week, five specially commissioned short films by rising young choreographers including Kate Prince, Ben Duke, Ponciano Almeida, StruanLeslie and Pete Shenton & TomRoden of New Art Club will also be screened on Channel 4 and to live audiences across the country. On the final day of Big Dance 2012, Cardiff’s multicultural Mela attempts the world record for the largest ever Bollywooddance in the UK.


Fire Garden at Stonehenge, created by French outdoor fire alchemists Compagnie Carabosse, will see one of Britain’s best known World Heritage sites, Stonehenge, transformed into a glowing fairy-tale environment where fire sculptures dance in the landscape, flaming fire pots animate the stones and cascades of candles line the pathways.  Responding to the purpose, perception and heritage of the site, visitors will pass between concentric circles of flames and huge fire balls that mark calendar positions. The spectacular immersivesite-specific installation of fire and sound will light up Stonehenge for three consecutive nights (10 July – 12 July 2012).


Eurostar presents Traction brings together music, dance and arts performers from across Europe for a special one-day festival curated by internationally renowned DJ Gilles Peterson. The acts include German jazz techno ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, Mercury prize nominee Ghostpoet, Congolese-born Belgian Baloji, Holland’s funky jazz artist Benny Sings, and Parisian singer-songwriter Sébastien Tellier, and have been chosen to celebrate the diversity of European talent on London’s doorstep. The festival will be the first event to take place in London’s newest creative quarter beyond Kings Cross and St Pancras, in Europe’s largest new square – Granary Square (14 July 2012).


Rio Occupation London will see 30 Rio artists occupy the streets, stages and squares of London during the 2012 Olympic Games for an exuberant30-day residency of art, music, dance, theatre, film and poetry. Working across the city with London-based artists, the 30 artists will create performances in both traditional art spaces and more unusual settings around the capital (8 July – 4 August 2012).


Sun Rings, the highly acclaimed piece for string quartet, chorus and pre-recorded spacescapes by American composer Terry Riley will have its UK premiere in Glasgow on 15 July 2012. The work will be performed by the world-renowned Kronos Quartet and the National Chamber Choir of Ireland, and is accompanied by a film featuring awe-inspiring footage of solar flares, close-ups of the planets, and visions depicting the vastness of space (15 July 2012).


Pop up events are taking place across the UK as part of the London 2012 Festival, with programmes including comedy gigs, visual artinstallations, music concerts, and outdoor events.  Highlights from the series include Sacrilege, Jeremy Deller’s life-size inflatable replica of Stonehenge; Tall Tales from the Riverbanks on a comedy barge; and the highly anticipated One Extraordinary Day: Streb Action byaward-winning American choreographer Elizabeth Streb, featuring daredevil feats of extreme athleticism across iconic London sites.


Works inspired by Olympic and Paralympic values:


Draw Down the Walls presents a new commission by theinternationally renowned Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz, to create a temporary public intervention within one of Belfast’s contested spaces. In a tribute to the theme of Olympic Truce, Muñoz’ssite-specific installation, Ambulatorio Belfast, transforms the ‘no man’s land’ between the two barriers that separate Crumlin Road and Flax Street, with aerial maps of North Belfast sealed under a layer of cracked glass. The installation is the artist’s response to meetings with communities from both sides of the interface and explores the universal themes of memory, human loss and impermanence. The artist’s experience of living and working in another conflict zone, Cali in Colombia, provides a unique window of opportunity to spotlight the relationships that are being built between historically divided communities. Ambulatorio Belfast has been commissioned by the Golden Thread Gallery and London 2012 Festival on behalf of Draw Down the Walls, an ongoing collaboration designed to create the conditions to imagine a city without barriers (9 July – 4 August 2012).


Peace Camp is director Deborah Warner’s commission for the London 2012 Festival, created in collaboration with actor Fiona Shaw and composer Mel Mercier. Actors, writers, poets and the public have lent theirvoices for the commission. Their murmuring voices have been woven together into a symphony of sound: love poetry, words, signals and noises, all play in counterpoint to the ambient sounds of the natural environment. The installation will appear at eight beautiful and remote coastal locations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, including five National Trust sites. It features glowing encampments of some 2,000 tents in total, where visitors will hear a soundscape of love poetry and sounds of the natural environment. Theproject is inspired by the theme of Olympic Truce. Those whose voices were recorded for the project include Seamus Heaney, Eileen Atkins, Ioan Gruffudd, and Bill Paterson (19 – 22 July 2012).


Niet Normaal: Difference onDisplay is a major international contemporary art exhibition featuring the work of more than 30 internationally renowned artists including new commissions, each addressing a definitive question of our time: ‘what is normal and who decides?’ This question is being examined through art that aims to celebrate difference in the Olympic and Paralympic year.  The exhibition at Bluecoat in Liverpool is adapted from the landmark Dutch exhibition of the same name, and forms part of the London 2012 Festival’s UNLIMITED programme, the largest ever UK programme celebrating arts, culture and sport by disabled and deaf people (13 July – 2 September 2012).


BT River of Music, one of the most ambitious musical events ever staged in the capital, is a spectacular weekend of free music at six landmark venues along the River Thames. It features more than 1,500 artistsfrom all Olympic and Paralympic nations, and acts as a curtain-raiser for the sporting celebrations that will follow during the Olympic Games. Established, award-winning and emerging artists are performing at Tower of London (Americas Stage), Somerset House and Trafalgar Square (Europe Stages), Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (Oceania Stage), London Pleasure Gardens, Docklands (Africa Stage), Battersea Park (Asia Stage). Star performers include: Scissor Sisters, Noisettes, South African legend Hugh Masekela, Grammy-award winning Angelique Kidjo, former Buena Vista Social Club pianist Roberto Fonseca, Wynton Marsalis andJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Chinese superstar Gong Linna, the world’sgreatest living tabla player Zakir Hussain, and Senegalese singer and guitarist Baaba Maal (21 – 22 July 2012).



Other major highlights taking place on the fourth week of the London 2012 Festival:


BBC Proms, the world’s biggest classical musicfestival, will this year form a part of the London 2012 Festival. The eight-week season of concert and events launches on 13 July and features the world’s leading artists and orchestras, record number of new commissions, record youth participation and a celebration of London and composers and pieces considered to have changed the world, such as Beethoven, Boulez, and Cage. The First Night of the Proms features the world premiere of Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Canon Fever, and works by Elgar, Delius and Tippett. On 14 July John Wilson and his hand-picked orchestra return, with an all-star cast, for their first ever recreation of a complete musical, the London classic, My Fair Lady.  For Prom 3 on 15 July, Sir John Eliot Gardiner leads Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique and Monteverdi Choir in a performance of Debussy’s landmark opera Pelléas et Mélisande. The Proms’ series celebrating young orchestras and choirs in many forms begins on 16 July with a collaboration between two major music colleges from either side of the Atlantic, Juilliard Orchestra and Orchestra of the Royal Academy of Music, led by celebrated American composer and conductor John Adams, in a performance culminating with Adam’s City Noir (13 July – 8 September 2012).


Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis, return to London with a series of exclusive premieres and collaborations performed bysome of America’s finest jazz musicians. The orchestra’s second Barbican Residency begins on 10 July with the European premiere of Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy’s Congo Square, a celebration of the historic Congo Square site in New Orleans. The residencycontinues on 13 July with the world premiere of the complete score of WyntonMarsalis’ Abyssinian Mass, a large-scale work traversing jazz history, from spirituals to hard-bop; A Midsummer Night’s Swing Dance on 14 July; and on 16 July the Orchestra are joined by guest stars for Afro-Cuban Fiesta (10 – 26 July 2012).


Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 sees a range of contemporary artists – including choreographers, composers, poets and visual artists respond to three masterpieces by Renaissance artist Titian. Their work will be displayed at the National Gallery and performed at the Royal Opera House by The Royal Ballet. British contemporary artists, Chris Ofili, Conrad Shawcross and Mark Wallinger, will create settings for new ballets at The Royal Opera House. Seven choreographers will collaborate with the artists to create three new works, in response to three great paintings by Titian and original music commissionedfrom leading British composers. Wayne McGregor will work with the Danish choreographer Kim Brandstrup, and Christopher Wheeldon will work alongside Alastair Marriott with Will Tuckett, Jonathan Watkins and Liam Scarlett. Original music for the ballets has been commissioned from Mark-Anthony Turnage, Jonathan Dove and Nico Muhly (National Gallery: 11 July – 23 September 2012, Royal Opera House: 14 – 20 July 2012).


World Shakespeare Festival celebrates the global appeal of William Shakespeare with an unprecedented collaboration of leading UK and international arts organisations, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Performances and events scheduled for the fourth week of the London 2012 Festival include: Timon of Athens, Shakespeare’s strange fable of conspicuous consumption, debt and ruin with Simon Russell Beale in the title role (10 July – 31 October 2012); and the BBC Shakespeare Unlocked season, which brings together four adaptations of Shakespeare’s History Plays on BBC Two, forming a continuous story of monarchy and political power struggle. The Hollow Crown features Richard II, Henry IV Parts I and II, and Henry V. Henry IV Part II airs on BBC Two on 14 July 2012, and stars Jeremy Irons, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Hiddleston and Julie Walters, and is directed by RichardEyre.


Alan Ayckbourn Double Bill:Absurd Person Singular and Surprises – The first play is a revival of Absurd Person Singular, one of Ayckbourn’s best loved and critically acclaimed works. This classic is in repertoire with the production of his 76th play, Surprises, which has its world premiere at Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough on 17 July. Alan Ayckbourn is a recent recipient of both the Olivier and Tony Lifetime Achievement Awards and was knighted for services to theatre in 1997 (performing at Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough from 8 June –13 October 2012, and at the Minerva Theatre,Chichester from 8 August – 8 September 2012).


TooMortal is a new dance work for churches created by choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh to be performed in four European cities: London, Worcester, Venice and Stockholm. In TooMortal, Shobana Jeyasingh builds on the idea of the church as a place of enquiry as well as solace, and acts as an intimate and thought provoking respite to the city streets outside. The work offers surprising perspectives, positioning both the audience and the six female dancers in unexpected places within the architectural narrative of St Pancras Parish Church, London (12 – 14 July 2012).


The Ring, one of Alfred Hitchcock’s silent masterpieces, will be screened with a live performance of British jazz musician Soweto Kinch’s new score.  The fully restored film is being shown at London’s Hackney Empire, a venue Hitchcock himself frequented. The film is part of the BFI’s celebration on an Olympian scale of The Genius of Hitchcock, the most comprehensive exploration of his work ever presented (13 July 2012).


Alif Ensemble is one of the most exciting new projects to come from the Arab world, bringing together musicians from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq for a beguiling blend of acoustic and contemporary electronic sounds. Conceived by multi-talented oud player Khyam Allami, the Alif Ensemble will see him partner with two of the most inventive and independent Arabic musicians; Palestinian composer and vocalist Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and Egyptian electronica musician Maurice Louca, and a band of musicians from both traditional and contemporary Arabic music disciplines. The premiere of this new and exciting work will be performed at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (15 July2012).


UNLIMITED, involving deaf and disabled artists, is the UK’s largest programme of its kind, with 29 commissions. It encourages collaborations and partnerships between disability arts organisations, disabled and deaf artists, producers, and mainstream organisations. As well as the exhibition Niet Normaal, additional highlights from the programme currently on show include: Unlimited Global Academy, a collaborative exhibition of artworks and films by British artist Rachel Gadsden and the South Africian Bambananiartist-activist Group (23 June – 9 September 2012); and Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing, an exhibition by artist film-maker Helen Petts exploring the life and works of German artist Kurt Schwitters (28 June – 10 September 2012)


Ruth Mackenzie, Director, Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival, said: “Please sign up to this week to make sure you are first to know about our new commissions and pop up surprises – you won’t want to miss out on this week’s free events in unusual places.  And of course please book for astonishing new work inside our great cultural centres as well.”


Everyone will be able to join in the celebration with over 10 million free opportunities to take part in 12,000 events and performances at 900 venues all over the UK, including 130 world premieres and 85 UK premieres.


Listings for London 2012 Festival for the week beginning 9 July 2012:


Art, Design & Exhibitions

UK wide

Sacrilege – Jeremy Deller (21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), UK wide tour

Imagine Peace – Yoko Ono (19 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), London 2012 Live Sites



Art in the Park (From 27 Jul 2012), Olympic Park, London

Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion (6 Jul – 29 Jul 2012), Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Coral: Rekindling Venus (7 Jun – 6 Jul 2012), Peter Harrison Planetarium, London

Damien Hirst (4 Apr – 9 Sep 2012), Tate Modern, London

Design Stories – The Architecture behind 2012 (25 Jun – 25 Sep 2012), Royal Institute of British Architects, London

Design the Extraordinary – Heatherwick Studio (31 May – 30 Sep 2012), Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Frieze Projects East (25 Jun – 31 Aug 2012), multiple venues, London

Government Art Collection at the Whitechapel Gallery (19 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Whitechapel Gallery, London

Metamorphosis – Titian 2012 (11 Jul – 23 Sep 2012), National Gallery, London

Next Generations – BP Portrait Awards (21 Jun – 23 Sep 2012), National Portrait Gallery, London

Official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Poster Display (21 Jun – 21 Sep 2012), Tate Britain, London

Sea Change: Things UnspokenCape Farewell (24 May – 13 Jul 2012), Royal Society of British Sculptors, London

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012 – Ai Weiwei & Herzog and de Meuron (1 Jun – 14 Oct 2012), Serpentine Gallery, London

The English Flower Garden – Paul Cummins (4 Jun – 26 Aug), Cromwell Green, House of Parliament, London

To The Light – Yoko Ono (19 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Serpentine Gallery, London

Whitechapel Gallery Commission – Rachel Whiteread (From 14 June 2012), Whitechapel Gallery, London

Yinka Shonibare (From 21 June 2012), Royal Opera House, London

South of England

Ballast Seed Garden – Maria Thereza Alves (21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Floating Harbour(North side), Bristol

Cass Sculpture Foundation – Tony Cragg (21 Jun – 4 Nov 2012), Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex

Edmund de Waal (20 Apr – 28 Oct 2012), Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury

Exercise (Djibouti) 2012 – John Gerrard (7 – 29 Jul 2012), The Old Power Station, Oxford

Give me tomorrow – Alex Katz (19 May – 23 Sep 2012), Tate St Ives, St Ives

Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea… – Richard Wilson (7 Jul – 1 Oct 2012), De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill On Sea

Piercing Brightness – Shezad Dawood (23 Jun – 29 Sep 2012) Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance. (30 Jun – 15 Sep 2012), The Exchange, Penzance

She Lay Down Deep Beneath the SeaTracey Emin (26 May – 23 Sep 2012), Tuner Contemporary, Margate

The English Flower Garden – Paul Cummins (1 Jun – 17 Sep 2012), Blenheim Palace, Oxford

The English Flower Garden – Paul Cummins (11 May – 1 Sep 2012), The Secret Gardens of Sandwich, Sandwich

Unlimited Global Alchemy – Rachel Gadsden (23 Jun – 18 Aug 2012), Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge

Untrue Island – Robert Macfarlane, Arnie Somogyi, and Jane & Louise Wilson (8 – 30 Jul 2012), Orford Ness, Suffolk


CORE – Kurt Hentschläger (23 Mar – 30 Sep 2012), Enginuity, Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site, Telford

The English Flower Garden – Paul Cummins (11 May – 1 Sep 2012), Althorp Estate, Northampton

North of England

Art from West Africa Today – We Face Forward (2 Jun – 15 Sep), Gallery of Costume, Manchester. (2 Jun – 16 Sep) Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. (2 Jun – 16 Sep 2012), Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester

·       Niet Normaal: Difference on Display (13 July – 2 September 2012), The Bluecoat, Liverpool

Richard Long (Artist Rooms) and Luke Fowler (23 Jun – 14 Oct 2012), The Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield

Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing – Helen Petts (28 Jun – 18 Aug 2012), Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

The English Flower Garden – Paul Cummins (1 Jun – 31 Aug 2012) Castle Howard, York

Trade Secrets – Humble Market (23 Jun – 26 Aug 2012), FACT, Liverpool


Adain Avion – Marc Rees (24 Jun – 12 Aug 2012), multiple venues, Wales

Making Triangles – Richard La Trobe-Bateman (7 Jul – 9 Sep 2012), Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin

Room of Dreams – Wendy Ramshaw (7 Jul – 9 Sep 2012), Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin

Northern Ireland

Draw Down the Walls – Oscar Muñoz (9 Jul – 4 Aug 2012), Crumlin Road/Flax Street Interface, Belfast

Godot Tree – Antony Gormley (2 Jul – 27 Aug 2012), The Grand Yard at Castle Coole, Enniskillen

The Screaming Silence of the Wind – Maurice Orr (18 Jun -3 Aug 2012) Great Hall, Stormont, Belfast



South of England

Tales of the Riverbank Comedy Barge (9 Jul 2012), The Boathouse, Wallingford

Tales of the Riverbank Comedy Barge (12 Jul 2012), The Jolly Boatman, Thrupp



UK wide

Big Dance (7 – 15 Jul 2012), venues nationwide

Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Bus (18 May – 15 Jul 2012), Across London and the UK

Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Shorts (7 – 15 Jul 2012), Channel 4 and Pop-Up Cinemas, UK wide

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Street Dance Day (14 Jul 2012); multiple locations, UK wide


Big Dance 2012: Big Dance – Beijing and Rio (14 Jul 2012), Trafalgar Square, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance in Trafalgar Square (14 Jul 2012), Trafalgar Square, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Brazil Day (15 Jul 2012), Wandsworth Park, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Bromley Big Dance Fest (13 Jul 2012), Churchill Theatre, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Cheer (11 Jul 2012), Twickenham Stoop, London

Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Big Top Tent (5 – 9 Jul 2012), Old Royal Naval College, London

Big Dance 2012: Dance in Focus (25 Jun – 15 Jul 2012), City Hall, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Dancing Libraries (3 Jun – 13 Jul 2012), multiple venues, North London

·       Big Dance 2012: Dancing Voices (11 Jul 2012), Southbank Centre, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Dare2Dance Battle of the Boroughs vs b.supreme (9 Jul 2012), Bloomsbury Theatre

·       Big Dance 2012: Design for Dance (10 Jul 2012), City Hall, London

·       Big Dance 2012: English National Ballet and the Big Dance Bus (12 Jul 2012), secret West London location

·       Big Dance 2012: Footfall (15 Jul 2012), Siobhan Davies Studios, London

·       Big Dance 2012: I Love Dance: Hackney Dance Festival (9 – 12 Jul 2012), various venues in Hackney, London

·       Big Dance 2012 in the Baylis (9 – 10 Jul 2012), Sadler’s Wells, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Prologue presented by Sadler’s Wells and New Adventures (12 – 13 Jul 2012), Sadler’s Wells, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Physical Ballet (14 Jul 2012), Trafalgar Square

·       Big Dance 2012: Shall we Dance? (13 Jul 2012), Duke of York Square, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Still Moving (13 – 15 Jul 2012), City Hall, London

·       Big Dance 2012: U.Dance (13 – 15 Jul 2012), Southbank Centre, London

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Walk (15 Jul 2012), Oxleas Meadows, Lonodn

·       Big Dance 2012: Walking Piece (15 Jul 2012), Siobhan Davies Studios, London

·       Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 – The Royal Ballet (14 – 20 Jul 2012), Royal Opera House, London

Secrets: Hidden London – Like a Fish out of Water (12 – 14 Jul 2012)  – Hampton Pool, London

·       Spill – A Playground of Dance (13 Jul 2012), Victoria Park, London

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: World Cities 2012 – Wiesenland (8 – 9 Jul 2012), Sadler’s Wells, London

·       TooMortal – Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (12 – 14 Jul 2012), St. Pancras Church, London

South of England

Big Dance 2012: A Hooligans Game (10 – 13 Jul 2012), Strets Theatre, Upton Cross, Cornwall

Big Dance 2012: Ashford Big Dance (13 Jul 2012), Ashford Town Centre

Big Dance 2012: Charlotte Spencer at Jerwood Gallery (14 Jul 2012), Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Big Dance 2012: Desert Crossings (13 – 14 Jul 2012), Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Big Dance 2012: Have A Go Day (14 Jul 2012), Harvey Hadden Sports Complex, Nottingham

Big Dance 2012: Jasmin Vardimon Company hosts Big Dance (14 Jul 2012), Stour Centre, Ashford

Big Dance 2012: Kettering Big Dance (14 Jul 2012), Market Place, Kettering

·       Big Dance 2012: Landance (14 – 15 Jul 2012), Eggardon Hill, West Dorset

Big Dance 2012: Polonaise on the Pier (14 Jul 2012), The Pier, Southend-on-Sea

Big Dance 2012: Spiegeltent (1 – 14 Jul 2012), Christchurch Park, Ipswich

·       Big Dance 2012: Strictly Swindon (15 Jul 2012), Swindon Dance, Swindon

Big Dance 2012: Taxi! By Avant Garde Dance (14 Jul 2012), various locations, Brighton

Big Dance 2012: Time Gentleman Please: The Demon Barber Roadshow(7 – 14 Jul 2012), Regional tour

Big Dance 2012: Urban Dance Event (15 Jul 2012), The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

Big Dance 2012: Urban Moves (7 – 13 Jul 2012), multiple venues, Swindon Town Centre

·       Spill – A Playground of Dance (12 July 2012), Ledbury Park, Herefordshire

·       Spill – A Playground of Dance (14 July 2012), King George Playing Fields, Welwyn Garden City


·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Ceilidh (14 Jul 2012), Deda, Derby

·       Big Dance 2012: WE Dance Festival (13 – 14 Jul 2012), mac, Birmingham

·       Spill – A Playground of Dance (11 July 2012), Arrow Valley Park, Redditch

·       Spill – A Playground of Dance (15 July 2012), Gheluvelt Park, Worcester

North of England

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance Ceilidh (13 Jul 2012), Arts Centre, Washington

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance North West Link Up! (15 Jul 2012), Chavasse Park, Liverpool One

·       Big Dance 2012: Brazilica Carnival (13 – 15 Jul 2012), Liverpool City Centre

·       Big Dance 2012: Brouhaha International Festival (13 – 14 Jul 2012), various locations, Merseyside

·       Big Dance 2012: City Steps (15 Jul 2012), Liverpool City Centre

·       Big Dance 2012: Big Dance  – Celebration (15 July 2012), Millennium Square, Leeds

·       Big Dance 2012: E Dance Residency & Showcase (9 – 12 Jul 2012), Grimsby / Cleethorpes, Yorkshire

·       Big Dance 2012: Live at the Bandstand (15 Jul 2012), Abbey Grounds, Hexham

·       Big Dance 2012: Mass Dance On the Beach (14 Jul 2012), Spa Gardens and the beach, Bridlington Spa

·       Big Dance 2012: Mouth of the Tyne Festival (14 – 15 Jul 2012), Tynemouth Station

·       Big Dance 2012: Stockton Dance Festival (7 – 14 Jul 2012), various locations, Stockton

·       Big Dance 2012: Summerscene Festival (15 Jul 2012), Ridley Park, Blyth

·       Big Dance 2012: The Lowry Summer Ball (15 Jul 2012), The Lowry, Salford Quays


·       Big Dance 2012: The Big Screen Big Dance (9 – 14 Jul 2012), Eden Court, Inverness


·       Big Dance 2012: Cardiff Mela (15 Jul 2012), Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay


Film, Broadcast & Digital

UK wide

A Room for London (1 Jan – 30 Dec 2012), Digital, UK wide

A Running Jump – Mike Leigh (24 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Picturehouse Cinemas, UK wide

BBC Two: The Hollow Crown – Henry IV Part I and II (7 and 14 Jul 2012)

·       Chariots of Fire (13 Jul 2012), In cinemas across the UK

Film National Shorts Online (21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Online and Live Sites, UK wide

Ping Pong: Never Too Old For Gold (6 Jul 2012 onwards), Cinemas and online, UK wide

Sea Change – Cape Farewell Scottish Islands Project (1 May – 30 Sep), Online, UK Wide

StoryCloud (18 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Online, UK wide

The Odyssey – Asif Kapadia (24 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Picture House Cinemas, UK wide

The SwimmerLynne Ramsay (24 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Picturehouse Cinemas, UK Wide

What IfMax Giwa and Dania Pasquini (24 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Picturehouse Cinemas, UK wide


·       Jubilation: A celebration of the Music of George Benjamin (14 Jul 2012), Institut Français, London

·       The Genius of Hitchcock: The Ring (13 Jul 2012), Hackney Empire, London

South of England

A Hansel of Film – Shetland to Southampton and back (9 Jul 2012), Kino, Hawkhurst

A Hansel of Film – Shetland to Southampton and back (12 Jul 2012), Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury

A Hansel of Film – Shetland to Southampton and back (12 Jul 2012), Harbour LIghts, Southampton

·       On Landguard Point: A film about home – Pacitti Company (12 – 15 Jul 2012), Latitude Festival, Southwold

Northern Ireland

MACROPOLIS (12 Jul – 29 Aug 2012), W5 at Odessey, Belfast


Museums & Heritage


The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Medals (until 9 Sep 2012), British Museum, London

Universe of Sound: The Planets – Philharmonia Orchestra (23 May – 8 Jul 2012), Science Museum, London

South of England

The Search of Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China (5 May – 11 Nov 2012), Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Treasures of China (30 Jun 2012 – 7 Jan 2013), Colchester Castle Museum, Colchester

World Stories – Young Voices (From 23 Jun 2012), Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Brighton

North of England

Golden Threads (19 May – 16 Sep 2012), Bradford Industrial Museum, Bradford




Africa Utopia – Baaba Maal (3 – 28 Jul 2012), Southbank Centre, London

?        BBC Prom 1 (13 Jul 2012), Royal Albert Hall, London

?        BBC Prom 2 (14 Jul 2012), Royal Albert Hall, London

?        BBC Prom 3 (15 Jul 2012), Royal Albert Hall, London

?        Eurostar presents Traction (14 Jul 2012), Granary Square, London

?        Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis – Abyssinian Mass (13 Jul 2012), Barbican Hall, London

?        Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis – Congo Square (10 Jul 2012), Barbican Hall, London

?        Jazz at Lincoln Center – Essentially Ellington UK (14 Jul 2012), Barbican Hall, London

Les Troyens (The Trojans) (25 Jun – 11 Jul 2012), Royal Opera House, London

Nothing Is Set In Stone – SECRETS: Hidden London (21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), Fairlop Waters, Barkingside, London

Otello – The Royal Opera (12 – 24 Jul 2012), Royal Opera House, London

Ring Round the World – English Pocket Opera Company (2 – 6 Jul 2012), The Broadway Theatre, Barking, London


?        Welcome Songs – Eliza Carthy (11 Jul 2012), Wenlock Priory, Much Wenlock

North of England

?        The Alif Ensemble (15 Jul 2012), Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool


?        Sun Rings – Terry Riley (15 Jul 2012), Riverside Museum, Glasgow


Outdoor & Carnival


Rio Occupation London (8 Jul – 4 Aug 2012), multiple venues, London

Watch this Space Commissions – National Theatre  (1 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), National Theatre, London

South of England

The Boat Project – Lone Twin (5 Jul – 11 Aug 2012), Venues across the south of England

?        Fire Garden at Stonehenge – Compagnie Carabosse (10 – 12 Jul 2012), Stonehenge, Salisbury

?        Blue Touch Paper Carnival (UK) and Embaixadores da Alegria (Brazil) (15 Jul 2012), Horsham Park, Horsham

North of England

?        Cakebook Britain (15 Jul 2012), Saltwell Park, Gateshead



Poetry & Storytelling

UK Wide

StoryLab: The Summer Reading Challenge 2012 (14 Jul – 10 Sep 2012), UK wide


Wastelands to Wonderlands – Writing Britain (11 May – 25 Sep 2012) British Library, London

South of England

Rochester’s Ripping Story Loom (21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012) The Story Museum, Oxford


Theatre & Performance

UK Wide

Shakespeare Unlocked (23 Apr – 31 Dec 2012), BBC Online, UK wide


en route (26 Jun – 21 Jul 2012), Theatre Royal Stratford East, London

Gatz – Elevator Repair Service (8 Jun – 15 Jul 2012), Noel Coward Theatre, London

Henry V – Globe to Globe (8 Jun – 26 Aug 2012), Shakespeare’s Globe, London

The Last of the Haussmans (until 10 Oct 2012) National Theatre, London

The Pop-Up Workshop – National Theatre Inside Out (1 Jun – 9 Sep 2012), London

Timon of Athens (10 July – 31 Oct 2012), National Theatre, London

you’ll see [me sailing in antarctica] – non zero one (6 – 15 Jul 2012) National Theatre, London


A Soldier in Every Son: The Rise of the Aztecs (29 Jun – 28 Jul 2012), Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Festival of Chaos – Hedda Gabler (6 – 28 Jul 2012), Royal & Derngate, Northampton

King John – Royal Shakespeare Company (6 Apr – 15 Sep 2012), Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Open Stages (13 – 22 Jul 2012), Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Richard III – Royal Shakespeare Company (22 Mar – 15 Sep 2012), Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Shakespeare Stories in partnership with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (21 Apr – 21 Dec 2012), Stratford Upon Avon

Squidsoup: Living Walls (21 Apr – 9 Sep 2012), Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Stan’s Café: Of All the People In All The World (14 Apr – 31 Jul 2012), Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

The Adventure of the Missing Manuscript – The House of Fairy Tales (2 Jul – 2 Sep 2012), Stratford-upon-Avon

The Tempest – Royal Shakespeare Company (30 Mar – 7 Oct 2012), Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Twelfth Night – Royal Shakespeare Company (8 Mar – 6 Oct 2012), Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

North of England

Bee Detective – Tin Bath Theatre Company (13 – 15 Jul 2012), Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

Devoted and Disgruntled Roadshow – Improbable (11 Jun 2012), The Arc, Stockton On Tees. (13 Jul 2012), New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lime

Double Bill: Absurd Person Singular and Surprises – Alan Ayckbourn (8 Jun – 13 Oct 2012), Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Macbeth: Leila and Ben – A Bloody History – Artistes, Producteurs, Associés (12 – 14 Jul 2012), Northern Stage, Newcastle