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Ballet News Christmas Cupcakes & Conversation 2012

December 18, 2012

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ballet dancers on pointe

Ballet News Christmas Cupcakes & Conversation 2012 What does a ballet dancer do ? What happens when the curtain goes down ? The grit and the glamour : your backstage pass into ballet. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to ballet, a ballet teacher, dancer, student or someone who just loves ballet, there is always something […]

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Cupcakes & Conversation …

August 21, 2012

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ballet book cover shot

Cupcakes & Conversation … There are now four volumes of my interview series with professional ballet dancers called Cupcakes & Conversation with ..  From the back cover : “The grit and the glamour; your backstage pass into ballet.” It doesn’t matter whether you are new to ballet, a teacher, dancer or someone who just loves ballet, there is […]

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Ballet News | The Top 5 Ballet Books

October 13, 2011

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ballet books

Ballet News | The Top 5 ballet reads There are many books, both fiction and non-fiction, where the author has taken classical ballet as their subject.  I’ve reviewed quite a few of them for Ballet News over time, and my choice here represents my absolute must-have reading. It didn’t even take any debate – they are all outstanding […]

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Ballet News | Your backstage pass into ballet – on the beach !

July 20, 2011

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Ballet News book cover

Ballet News | Cupcakes and Conversation Volume 2 is published Ladies, Gentlemen and Children…. As you gleefully pack your trunks for the holidays, Ballet News has just published the second volume of the famous ‘Cupcakes & Conversation with…’ series of interviews with professional ballet dancers.  It’s perfect for your holidays because you bought a Kindle […]

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6 things you don’t know about Royal ballet weddings

April 29, 2011


Prince William and Catherine Middleton

6 things you don’t know about Royal ballet weddings To celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince William & Catherine Middleton, Ballet News brings you 6 things you might not have associated with ballet including sparkling champagne bubbles, acres of tulle & tutus, flowers and of course, ballet! An underage wedding wasn’t always frowned upon in Royal […]

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The Royal Ballet : Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

February 19, 2011


tea dress

The Royal Ballet’s new full length ballet by Christopher Wheeldon, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, premieres on 28th February 2011 at The Royal Opera House, with a short run of performances in early March.  Later this year the production will premiere in Canada, when the National Ballet of Canada dance the production. With just over a […]

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Ballet NEWS | Ballet on the Kindle

February 13, 2011


Amazon's Kindle side view

The Amazon Kindle.  You either love it or loathe it.  I’ve been trialling one for the last week or so, to see how useful it would be to Ballet NEWS readers.  Overall, it’s easy to hold & about the size of a paperback.  The actual screen size is smaller than I’d anticipated – and smaller than the page […]

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Ballet News Reviews | Girl in Motion

February 10, 2011


a ballet dancer wearing red tights

Ballet novel reviewed & new competition launched plus tips on wearing pointe shoes Girl in Motion is a fictional novel by Miriam Wenger-Landis, who was a student at the School of American Ballet and a professional ballet dancer with Miami City Ballet.  Wenger-Landis wrote this book partly as a way of moving on once she had […]

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Ballet NEWS : Kindle & Cupcakes – your backstage pass into ballet

December 13, 2010


Kindle, books, Amazon

Amazon’s top-selling e-reader, the Kindle is aimed at readers who want to get straight to the heart of a book – the content – rather than, say, those who like to see the cover of the book or the author’s photograph, smell the pages or actually ‘pick up a book’ to read. It’s a neat way of getting to the […]

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