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Pointe Shoes + Playground Favourites

May 24, 2016

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ballet pointe shoes

Pointe Shoes + Playground Favourites I recently photographed some products from Capezio, including pointe shoes, and I decided to add a twist of my own. Who remembers JACKS ? A playground game of skill – dexterity and co-ordination needed – JACKS involved small metal crosses and a rubber ball.    

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Spring/Summer Ballet Wear

April 8, 2011


three pairs of flip flops

It’s time to ditch the black and grey in favour of summer brights in the studio. Here’s a selection of ballet wear to cheer you and your fellow dancers in time for class.  Bloch Ref: Z0979 Bloch’s very soft knitted acrylic tube £15.50 Freddy Ref: 34976RB Freddy’s luxe 100% cotton sweat top has The Royal Ballet logo […]

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