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Ballet Business | How to be a media-savvy ballet dancer or student

February 20, 2012

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Photograph by Cheryl Angear

Ballet Business | How to work with the media In an earlier feature, How to get into ballet, I outlined the early stages of a ballet career and some of the pitfalls you might want to watch out for. As part & parcel of your professional ballet career – a visual art form – photographs of you could (and hopefully, will) end up in the media – here on Ballet […]

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The Royal Ballet Yearbook 2011/12

September 8, 2011

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The Royal Ballet Yearbook 2011/12 reviewed There’s no doubt that this is an attractive book; it’s unusual size and striking photograph on the cover (Lauren Cuthbertson and Sergei Polunin from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) will draw you in.  What happens when you delve inside ? The annual Yearbook is a curious mix of looking back […]

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Ballet apprenticeships | What you need to know

June 20, 2011


dancer stands in legwarmers and point shoes

Is a ballet apprenticeship for you ? As a bridge linking graduation to professional company life, an apprenticeship should offer a chance for young dancers to develop performance experience, adapt to company life and touring, and lead to an independent life, learning to work for themselves. At a time when budget cuts mean that substantial savings have to be made […]

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Introducing The Royal Ballet’s newest dancer : Patricia Zhou

May 19, 2011


dancer in a pink tutu on pointe on the stage

The Royal Ballet’s newest dancer is 17 year old Patricia Zhou, an inspiring late starter who joins the company on an apprenticeship, and I recently caught up with her as part of the Ballet News ‘From Student to Star’ series, to see how she won her coveted contract and what she’s looking forward to. What was the […]

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