Ballet News | Easter & The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

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Ballet News | Easter & The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

ballet easter eggsI recently wrote about the fabulous Faberge Big Egg Hunt that’s been going on all over London in the run up to Easter. Well, now the eggs have all nested together in Covent Garden’s Piazza, so it’s really easy to see them. As I reported last time, there is one ballet-inspired egg, but all of them are just too good to miss. Incredibly, some of the eggs have already sold for thousands of pounds, and bidding for the rest continues until 6pm on Monday 9th April, when all the eggs will leave Covent Garden forever.

The Covent Garden Piazza is a very fitting location for The Grand Eggstravaganza where all the eggs will be on spegg-tacular display ! See all the eggs together for the last time as The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt draws to a close. It’s been such fun snapping the eggs all over London and sending in the special codes to be in with a chance of winning the valuable prize of a golden egg.

ballet chocolate eggIt’s the perfect one-off Easter Sunday treat for everyone, and if you decide to brave the changeable weather and the Bank Holiday tubes/buses/Underground then you’ll find artists giving final touches to their eggs around the piazza, plus you can visit the Egg Hospital at 38 King Street and pick up eggtastic gifts from The Big Egg Shop in the Piazza (opposite the Apple store -worth a visit in itself!)

What will you find in the Big Egg Shop ? Eggcellent gifts – of course! – including:

• Paint-Your-Own-Egg packs
• i-Spy books
• Oyster Wallets
• Tote Bags
• Tea Towels
• Egg cups and eggs
• Aprons

You can also by an exclusive minature egg.

These limited edition, hand painted eggs are replicas of 30 of the stunning eggs you’ve seen on the streets on London, and are a true collectors item. Each egg has been hand painted onto delicate grade-A ostrich eggs.

Artists include:
Rob Ryan, George Butler, Anita Klein, Anna Masters, Azadi Ince (Where’s Wally), Daisuke Sakagu, Emma Kemp, Hazel Nichols, Jessica Albarn, Joanne Holbrook, Milo Tchais, Mythili Therendrahipilla, Odile Kidd, Miss Dee, Natasha Mann, Pochoir, Penny Fowler, Rebecca Campbell, Rebecca Sutherland, Richard Bull, Ruth Green, Susan Entwistle, Robinson Phelam, Vincent McEvoy, Yuki Aruga, Mark Shand, Janet Law, 3deye and Natalie Guy.