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Ballet News | Water

February 5, 2012

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water ballet

Ballet News | Water Today I want to focus on H20 – water.  To be a healthy dancer – or just healthy – you need water.  Can’t live without it.  You could live for longer without food than you could without water.  The human body is made from more water than anything else and it’s […]

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New York City Ballet Soloist Kathryn Morgan | From the wings, in her own words

November 28, 2011


New York City Ballet Soloist Kathryn Morgan sets the record straight about her illness You may know that Kathryn Morgan, a very talented and popular Soloist with New York City Ballet, has been off-stage for 18 months. What you may not know is that for all of that time Kathryn has been battling a debilitating illness that […]

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