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Tamara Rojo’s Fusion Journey

April 12, 2012

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Tamara Rojo in a long red dress

Tamara Rojo’s Fusion Journey Last month, Tamara Rojo performed a World Premiere at the Russian Icons Gala in honour of Anna Pavlova.  Rojo danced Life is a Dream, choreographed by Fei Bo. At the time I reported, “Tamara Rojo (The Royal Ballet), in a World Premiere by Fei Bo called Life is a Dream, delivered […]

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Ballet News Reviews | Russian Ballet Icons Gala

March 9, 2012

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Aline Cojocaru

Russian Ballet Icons Gala London Coliseum Sunday 4th March 2012 What a night. The thing about this Gala series is that you don’t get standard gala fare – Don Quixote, Swan Lake etc,. Galas can present the kind of difficulties that you don’t find in the standard repertory and arise out of a lack of rehearsal […]

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