The Royal Ballet | Casting for Booking Period 2 | Winter 2011/12

October 3, 2011

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The Royal Ballet | Casting for Booking Period 2 | Winter 2011/12

If you are booking for any of the up-coming Royal Ballet productions, you’ll be well placed if you’ve studied the casting imformation.

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Tamara Rojo and Bennet Gartside in Asphodel Meadows Photograph : Johan Persson

My choices ? Lauren Cuthbertson’s debut as Manon, partnered with Sergei Polunin who will also debut in the role of Des Grieux; Laura Morera & Bennet Gartside in Asphodel Meadows; Akane Takada & David Trzensimiech who both debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy and The Prince, respectively, in The Nutcracker, along with Melissa Hamilton’s debut in an ultra-classical role as the Sugar Plum Fairy & later as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet.


3/17 November Lamb/Pennefather

5 mat/9 eve/26 eve Nov Nuñez, Kish

8/15 Nov Cuthbertson*, Polunun*

9 mat/26 mat Nov Marquez,McRae

Asphodel Meadows/Enigma Variations/Gloria

Asphodel Meadows

19 mat/23/29 Nov Lamb, Cope, Choe, Stepanek, Martin, McRae

19 eve/24/30 Nov Nuñez, Rojo, Morera, Pennefather, Gartside, Cervera

Enigma Variations

19 mat/23/29 Nov Saunders, Yanowsky, Gartside, Loots, Cervera, McCulloch

19 eve/24/30 Nov Saunders, Yanowsky, Gartside, Marquez, Watson, Mendizabal*


19 mat/23/29 Nov Benjamin, Watson, Kish*

19 eve/24/30 Nov Lamb, Acosta, Soares

The Nutcracker

3/20 mat/30 Dec Lamb, Soares

5/13 Dec/2 mat Jan Nuñez, Kish*

7/23 eve Dec Morera, Bonelli

11 mat/24 mat Dec Kobayashi*, Hristrov

18 mat Dec Takada*, Trzensimiech*

23 mat/28 mat Dec Hamilton*, Polunin

28 eve/31 mat Dec/3 eve Jan Cojocaru/Kobborg

29/31 eve Dec/7mat Jan Cuthbertson, Pennefather

3 mat/14 eve, 18 Jan Marquez, McRae

7 eve/11/14 mat Jan Choe, Polunin

Romeo & Juliet

10/19 Jan Rojo, Acosta

12/16 Jan Lamb, Bonelli

13 Jan Nuñez, Soares

3 mat/7 March Cojocaru, Kobborg

8/21 Mar Marquez, McRae

10 mat Mar Hamilton*, Pennefather

10 eve/22Mar Cuthbertson, Polunin*

24/31 Mar Benjamin, Watson

The Dream/Song of the Earth

The Dream (Titania and Oberon)

1/6/9 Feb Cojocaru, Polunin*

2 mat/8 Feb/5 Mar Marquez, McRae*

Song of the Earth

1/6 Feb Rojo, Pennefather*, Acosta

2 mat/8 Feb Benjamin, Hristrov, Watson

9 Feb/5 Mar Nuñez, Kish*, Acosta

* denotes a role debut

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  1. May Says:

    Thank you Ballet News – first with casting scoops as usual, invaluable for our diaries! Don’t suppose you have BRB’s Nutcracker casting yet………..?