Ballet NEWS | The Royal Ballet School (Lower) at the Richmond May Fair – part 1

May 9, 2009

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The quite wonderful Richmond May Fair has been held today on The Green.

Some of the pupils from White Lodge, the lower school based in Richmond Park, dazzled and danced their way through morris dancing, Irish dancing, clog dancing, Scottish dancing, a Farandole, the chicken dance from La fille Mal Gardee, an excerpt from Sleeping Beauty and the party dance from The Nutcracker to finish. All the pupils were brilliant; accomplished and confident.

I hope you enjoy a few of the photo’s from the show.

The weather was an improving picture and there was a large audience cheering and whooping after every dance. The children of all ages in the audience were enraptured, as were the adults.

Well done to everyone and if you spot yourself in the pictures, please do let me know who’s who so that I can add the detail – unfortunately we didn’t get a performance sheet.

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2 Responses to “Ballet NEWS | The Royal Ballet School (Lower) at the Richmond May Fair – part 1”

  1. brion ferguson Says:

    Youngsters today are regularly criticised…here we have the best of the best in this art form. Thanks for covering the event….and so very quickly. It was a joy to read….and nice to see credit given where credit was due.

  2. Elise Says:

    Thank you very much Brian. It was, as always, a pleasure to watch. The pupils never fail to amaze with their placement, their grace, their acting skills and their technical ability. They all seem to be just the right side of confident. And so they should be !The event is always well supported and yesterday was no exception – by a couple of hundred people at least I would guess. I hope I managed to take a picture of your daughter – the information on who was dancing was scant and I am very interested in following the future stars of the ballet world.