The Royal Ballet Spring 2013 Season casting

January 19, 2013

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The Royal Ballet Spring 2013 Season

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Steven McRae as The Mad Hatter Photograph : ROH/Johan Persson

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland returns for The Royal Ballet’s Spring 2013 season. For the first time ever, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will be broadcast live from Covent Garden on 28th March, which also means that if you are attending performances on 21st and 28th March, you should be aware that there will be cameras filming in the auditorium. There is only one role debut, for Brian Maloney, and casting is as follows :

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

15, 28 March & 13 April  Cuthbertson, Bonelli, Watson, Yanowsky, McRae

19, 23 March & 2 April    Lamb, McRae, Cervera, Morera, Campbell

21 March                             Cuthbertson, Bonelli, Cervera, Yanowsky, McRae

25 March & 6, 11 April     Stix-Brunell, Pennefather, Maloney*, Mendizabal, tbc

27 March                            Lamb, McRae, Watson, Morera, Campbell

La Bayadère sees a few notable role debuts this time; Steven McRae and Nehemiah Kish take on the role of Solor, and Dutch National Ballet’s Matthew Golding dances as a guest in the same role for one performance. Yuhui Choe, Itziar Mendizabal and Claire Calvert dance the role of Gamzatti.

La Bayadère

5, 20 April                          Cojocaru, Bonelli, Nuñez

9, 27 April                           Cuthbertson, Kish*, Choe*

12 Apr, 6 May eve              Marquez, McRae*, Morera

1, 13 May                             Yanowsky, Golding*, Mendizabal*

2, 6 May mat                      Lamb, Soares, Calvert*

14, 22 May                          Nuñez, Acosta, Kobayashi

In Mayerling, Lauren Cuthbertson makes a role debut as Mary Vetsera, and Hikaru Kobayashi and Itziar Mendizabal dance the role of Marie Larische. Other debuts from Meaghan Grace Hinkis and Yuhui Choe. On 13th June Mayerling will be broadcast live to sites around the UK as part of the BP Big Screen Season.


19 April                               Watson, Galeazzi, Lamb, Hayward*, Yanowsky

25, 30 April & 5 June       Kobborg, Cojocaru, Kobayashi*, Maguire, McNally

3 May & 10 June               Pennefather, Hamilton, Mendizabal*, Harrod, Bhavnani

30 May & 6, 15 June        Acosta, Benjamin, Morera, Hinkis*, Yanowsky

1 mat, 12 June                   Soares, Cuthbertson*, Nuñez, Choe*, CHapman

1 eve, 13 June                    Watson, Galeazzi, Lamb, Hayward, Arestis


* role debut


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